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Eco-City Development in Hoi An

PSU has hosted several leadership training and workshops related to sustainable development and leadership to assist local and regional descionmakers in Hoi An and Quang Nam Province to plan for opportunities and challenges related to growth management.

Quang Nam Province is experiencing rapid economic growth that is changing the rural and urban landscapes unique to the region. Hoi An, a popular destination in Quang Nam Province, attracted 2.5 million tourists alone in 2011. Hoi An is internationally revered for cultural assets, notably its old town which is recognized through the UNESCO World Heritage program and its environmental assets including Cham Islands, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve managed through the Provincial Marine Protected Area.

For an overview of challenges and opportunities facing Hoi An, watch this short video made during PSU exchanges:


Emerging research opportunities in Hoi An have been outlined in the following HOI AN PREZI presentation.

Overview of PSU Initiatives in Hoi An and Quang Nam Province (including work products and next steps)

On 15/12/2009, City Council enacted Resolution No. 11/2009/NQ-HDND to formalize the intent of Hoi An to be a model EcoCity for Vietnam.  UNHabitat has been working with Hoi An People’s Committee to develop plans to ensure each ministry is working to integrate EcoCity goals into local projects and processes. PSU has served as a consulting institution to shape goals for EcoCity planning and development through research, student and professional exchange and community engagement with the following major activities:

  • In September 2010, PSU and UNHabitat hosted a scoping workshop to share model sustainable development practices that could be adapted to the Hoi An context.
  • In September 2011, PSU and UNHabitat hosted a leadership training workshop for implementation of the Quang Nam Provincial Development Strategy in Tam Ky.
  • In September 2011, PSU and UNHabitat hosted an Atelier with support from the Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Center for Public Service, POSI and the City of Portland through co-production with Vietnamese partners for the adoption of the Quang Nam Province Development Strategy and Hoi An Eco City Development.  An important outcome was the development of Atelier Guidelines for other Vietnamese cities to utilize for their own Eco-City strategy processes. Click here for more information on the 2011 Atelier events.
  • In July-September 2011 Atelier, PSU and UNHabitat funded Masters of Public Administration graduate student intern Sou Souvanny to develop community profiles to understand the context at the commune and ward level. 
  • In September-December 2011 to follow up on the Atelier, PSU and UNHabitat funded Masters of Public Administration graduate student intern Ashley Hollenbeck to develop a guide on how to engage the local community in climate change adaptation and conduct research to inform a section of the Quang Nam Province Development Strategy on watershed management.
  • In March 2012 Dr. Marcus Ingle Director of International Public Service participated as an advisor for the Vulnerability and Adaptability Assessment Workshop based on research conducted by Vietnam National University.
  • In July-August 2012 Masters of Public Administration graduate student intern Matthew Shane worked with ILO and DAS in Tam Ky to conduct surveys and market studies to develop ecotourism strategies.
  • In July-September 2012 ISIS Climate Change Program Lead Khanh Pham a Ph.D. Urban Studies student worked with UNHabitat to develop case studies to inform the Leadership in Climate Change workshop in Ho Chi Minh City and strengthened institutional relationships with DISED, Vietnam National University, APD/MPI and Ho Chi Minh Academy.
  • In August-September 2012 ISIS Eco-City Program Lead Julia Babcock worked with local Hoi An organizations to document projects that demonstrate EcoCity goals as well as develop a series of memos on Cam Thanh, Cham Islands and Hoi An EcoCity Development Progress to provide information on potential partner organizations for future research and pilot projects.
  • September-December 2012, Masters of Public Administration graduate student intern Erik Mandell will work from Hanoi and Hoi An with university partners to support the EMPA trip, work on a field project in Hoi An and further research opportunities.
  • October 18-20th 2012, Executive Masters of Public Administration students will host a workshop in Hoi An.
  • October 20-28th 2012, a delegation (pictured below) came to Portland from Vietnam including:
    • Mr. Nguyen Duc Hai, the General Secretary of the Quang Nam Communist Party.
    • Mr. Tran Minh Ca, Vice-chairman of the People's Committee of Quang Nam Province
    • Mr. Le Van Giang, Chairman of the People's Committee of Hoi An City
    • Dr. Nguyen Quang, UNHabitat Program Manager
    • Ms. Juhyun Lee, Urban Sustainable Development Specialist
    • Ms. Bui Thien Hien, UNHabitat Project Coordinator

See announcement for more information on the delegation!

  • June 2013, PSU exhibited in partnership with Business Oregon and Dr. Ingle presented an investment framework at the Green Growth Investment Forum in Hoi An. 
  • October 2013, PSU hosted Cham Island Marine Protected Area staff biologist, Thao Le Ngoc to further refine research exchange opportunities focused on ecosystem service models for land use and economic development planning.