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About Us

The Vietnam Forum started meeting in early January 2012 to bring together the network of people who have the desire to contribute to transformative work between Portland and Vietnam.

Below are initial goals for the forum produced by its members at their meeting on January 26, 2012. The goals will be updated periodically to reflect desired outcomes as membership grows and new projects develop.

Goals of the Forum (Ongoing)

  • Promote the collaborative partnerships especially in joint research and training between Portland State University and Vietnamese Institutions in various areas including but not limited to: sustainable development, urban studies, leadership and public policy education and training, community development.
  • Create an active and sustainable communication channel to facilitate exchange  between students and faculty at PSU and other higher education institutions in Vietnam.
  • Create a pooling of resources providing for members financial, cultural, human, political, social resources through grants, internship opportunity, research projects, research papers, visual representation, etc.
  • Enhance real time communication among its members for information sharing, personal relationships, and cultural harmonization.

Accomplished in 2012

  • Develop asset map/stakeholder assessments indentifying professional and academic networks and connections within the U.S and between PSU and Vietnamese institutions.
  • Facilitated a study tour and co-presented with Quang Nam and Hoi An leaders and UNHabitat at the Eco-District Summit
  • Conducted high level study tour with Scheme 165
  • Held bi-weekly meetings with presentations from faculty, students and visiting scholars. 

Accomplished in 2013

  • Dr. Shpresa Halimi won a State Department grant for PSU to host Professional Fellows Program with Vietnam. PSU has hosted the Spring and Fall cohorts as well as sent a group of Portland Fellows to Vietnam through the exchange funding. 
  • Presented and held an exhibition at the Green Growth Investment Forum in Hoi An. 
  • Signed MOU with Quang Nam Province as well as Letters of Intent with the City of Hoi An and the City of Tam Ky. 
  • Published and influenced several articles about EcoCity development and PSU partnerships in Hoi An. 
  • Held regular meetings with presentations from faculty, students and visiting scholars. 

The Forum is open to all PSU students and faculty as well as local and international community practitioners who wish to participate. If you wish to be added to the forum list serve or have any questions, please contact Julia Babcock ( or 503-725-8109) or Khanh Pham ( or 503-901-1592)