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Mission and Values

Our Mission:

The primary mission of the VRC is to connect Student Veterans, Service Members and their families with a variety of services specific to their individual needs, support the transition “from rucksack to backpack,” and to help them to connect with one another.  The VRC also provides service to PSU Faculty and Administrators who seek to better understand the unique cultural differences found in the Student Veteran Community and how to better serve them.


  • Collaboration:  Seeking and building partnerships with existing campus services and community organizations to create an extensive network of support for Veterans, Service Members and their families.
  • Academic Success:  Providing support to Veterans and Service Members during the stressful transition from military life to student/civilian life, while maintaining focus on their educational goals.
  • Retention: Supporting students, faculty and staff in the pursuit of accessing full institutional benefits.
  • Empowerment:  Helping Veterans explore and utilize leadership and critical thinking skills by applying them to their academic studies.
  • Social Justice:  Increasing the awareness, knowledge, and skills of faculty, administration, and the traditional student community by addressing the issues which transitioning Veterans commonly encounter.