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Urban & Regional Planning | Transportation

Faculty: S. Adler, R. Bertini, J. Dill, J. Liu, J. Strathman, L. Wang

Transportation planning focuses on promoting the efficient movement of people and goods, and on maintaining the strong supportive role that transport can play in achieving other community objectives. The focus includes analysis of transportation problems and policies, travel demand modeling, and transportation and land use interactions.

Required Course:

  • USP 556 Urban Transportation: Problems and Policies

Choose 3:

  • USP 537 Economics of Urban Transportation
  • USP 544 Urban Transportation Planning
  • USP 570 Transportation and Land Use
  • USP 587 Travel Demand Modeling

Choose 1 (3 credits, minimum):

(Note: if you take all four classes in the list above, you do not need to take a class from the list below.)

  • USP 507 Transportation Seminar (one credit, can take more than once)*
  • USP 510 Sustainable Transportation
  • USP 543 Geographic Applications in Planning
  • USP 565 Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning
  • CE 510 Cost Benefit Analysis in Transportation (1 credit, can only take once)*
  • CE 550 Transportation Safety Analysis
  • CE 553 Freight Transportation and Logistics
  • CE 555 Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • CE 558 Public Transportation Systems
  • CE 559 Transportation Operations

*Take a combination of these 1-credit courses to total 3 credits.