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Ph.D. Dissertations

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College of Urban and Public Affairs
Ph.D. program in Urban Studies
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The College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University has granted over 200 Ph.D.s in Urban Studies since the program's beginnings in 1973.


Hoffman, Kim. "Food insecurity and Oregon TANF leavers." Ph.D. diss., Portland State University, 2007.
Dr. Hoffman is a senior researcher at Oregon Health Sciences University


"Impact of Universal Health Coverage on Health in Late Life." Nuguet, N. (2006).

"Redrawing the Color Line: A Case Study of the Alliance of Minority Chambers of Commerce in Portland, Oregon." Trujillo-Dalbey, Francisca Inez. (2006).

"Examining the Effects of Transit Service on Commuting Mode Choice and Residential Location Choice." Bhiromkaew, Jaturapat. (2006).

"The Ends and Means of Public Art Making: A Case Study of 'Public Art' and 'Art in the Public' in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Region." Karasyova, Svetlana Gennadyevna. (2006).

"Initial Institutionalization of Sustainable Production in State of Oregon Policy: An Exploration of Regime Politics During the Kitzhaber Administration." Welsch, A. (2006).

"Oregon's Approach to Health Care Reform: An Analysis of the Role of the Business Community in the Evolution of the Oregon Health Plan." Olemgbe, Peter Chuka (2006).


Constructing Public Dialogue: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Public Discourse Practices that Shape Civic Engagement in Portland, Oregon's Neighborhood Association Program. Odell, J. B. (2005).

Placing Equity on the Regional Agenda in Portland, OR. Provo, J. (2005).

Satellite Television Use among Ethnic Minorities: A Case Study of Arab Americans. Etefa, A. (2005).

Perceived Control in Older Adults Living in Long-Term Care Facilities. Mahan, T. L. (2005).

"The Use of Advanced Information Technology in Urban Public Transportation Systems: An Evaluation of Bus Stop Consolidation." El-Geneidy, Ahmed Medhat. (2005).
Dr. El-Geneidy is an Assistant Professor in the School of Urban Planning at McGill University and a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Civil Engineering at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.

"Interrelationships of Workplace Relocations, Residential Relocations and Commuting Patterns." Kim, Chansung. (2005).

"Public Opinion, the Media, and Environmental Policy: Agenda-Setting, Framing, and Maintaining the Status Quo." Estes, Jonela Rae. (2005).

"Opal Creek: The Framing of a Policy Controversy." Floyd, James. (2005).

"Beyond the Economic Catalyst Debate: Can Consumption Benefits Justify a Municipal Stadium Investment?" Santo, Charles Andrew. (2005).
Dr. Santo is an Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning at the University of Memphis

"Evaluating Deliberative Democracy: Comparing Habermas' Discourse Ethic and Evaluations of Consensus Process in Residential Cooperatives." Sutter, Katheryn. (2005).


"Offender and Community Reintegration: An Exploratory and Descriptive Study of Cultural Competency within Community treatment and Correctional Reentry Programs." Pittman, B. L. (2004).

"The Effect of Informal Social Control on the Presence and Geographic Distribution of Graffiti on City Streets." Gorsek, C. S. (2004). Chapman, N.

"An Investigation of the Value of Informal care to Aging parents." Lottes, J. (2004).

"Learning to Grow and Growing to Learn: Connecting Policies for School Facilities and Urban Growth." Scott, B. D. (2003). Adler, S.


"Taking Root in the Silicon Forest: The Role of High Technology Firms as Surrogate Universities in Portland, Oregon." Mayer, Heike. (2003).
Dr. Mayer is the Chair of the Economic Geography Department at the University of Bern, Switzerland.


"The Transformation of Civic Institutions and Practices in Portland, Oregon 1960-1999." Johnson, S. (2002).

"Locational Determinants of Horticultural and Christmas Tree Land uses in the Portland Metropolitan Area, Oregon: A Thunian Discrete Choice and Hedonic Land Values Approach." Marin, M. C. (2002). Strathman, J.

"Local Contextual Effects and the Spatial Diffusion of Political Parties in Urban Mexico (1994-1997)." Vilalta, C. J. (2002). Adler, S.

"The Other Side of the Tracks: The Archaeology and History of a Virginia City, Nevada Neighborhood." Schablitsky, J. M. (2002).

"Benchmarking the Sea: Portland, Oregon's Service Efforts and Accomplishments Report in Light of National Performance Review Standards." Schindler, T. (2002). Strathman, J.

"Multiple Convergence: Induced Travel Analysis in Metropolitan Areas." Zhang, J. (2002).


"Spatial Variations in Support for Metropolitan Infrastructure Planning: A Comparative Analysis of Rail Transit Voting Behavior in the Portland and Seattle Metropolitan Areas." Junkyu Chung. Winter 2001.

"Shaping Public Access Technology: The Development and Use of a Metropolitan Community Information System." Mark Steven Herwick. Winter 2001

"The Low Income Housing Tax Credit: A Case Study of Policy Learning, Coalition Building,and Paradigm Expansion." Terri Hinson Silvis. April, 2001. Milder, G.

"Time Point Level Analysis of Transit Services Reliability and Passenger Demand." Thomas Jeffrey Kimpel. May, 2001. Dueker, K.

"Local Accessibility, Pedestrian Travel Neighboring and Community Sentiment in Middle Class Neighborhoods." Hollie Lund Person. May, 2001. Chapman, N.

"State to State Migration during 1975-1980 and 1985-1990: An Analysis by Age, Race, Sex and Education." Joseph Augustine Smith-Buani. June, 2001. Edmonston, B.

"Social Capital Influences on Lifelong Learning Among Adults Who did not Finish High School." Strawn, C. L. (2001). Morgan, D.



"The Decision-Making Process of Women's Retirement in Dual-Career Couples." Irine Ficher-Davidson 2000-01 S. Adler


"The Evolution of Urban and Regional Planning in North Korea: 1945-1998." Jin Cheol Jo, 1999-00. S. Adler

"Ethics, the Environment and Us. Peishan Shieh, 1999-00." S. Adler.

"Dialectics of Control: The Origins and Evolution of Conflict in Portland's Neighborhood Association Program." Matt Witt, 1999-00. S. Adler.

"Factors Determining the Choice of Mortgage Instruments." Hatem Abdulmoti Merdad, 1999-00. S. Adler.

"A Case Study of the Implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA ) as It applies to People Who are Hard of Hearing or Deaf and Public Places." Maria Monserrat Hopple, 1999-00. S. Adler.

"Organizational Characteristics and Predicting Cultural Competence in Human Service Delivery Systems." Jason Mason, 1999-00. C. Tracy


"Household Travel/Activity Decisions." Catherine Lawson, 1998-99. J. Strathman.

"Evolution of State Sponsored Land Use Planning." Jerry Weitz, 1998-99. S. Adler.

"Citizen Participation in Environmental Issues: A Comparative Study of Citizen Involvement Programs in Water Quality and Nuclear Waste Management in Washington State." Michael Spranger, 1998-99. C. Abbott

"Movers and Stayers in Portland, Oregon's Central Eastside Industrial District." Peter Fry, 1998-99. W. Rabiega

"Re-Presenting the Post-Industrial Neighborhood: Planning and Redevelopment in Portland's Pearl District." Robert Jones, 1998-99. C. Abbott


"Cohousing: A Qualitative Study of Practices in the Pacific Northwest." Nader Azab, 1997-98. N. Toulan

"Determining the Effects of Environmental Disclosures within Commercial Property Transactions." Gregory Madson, 1997-98. C. Ozawa


"Faith, Hope, and Leverage: Attributes of Effective Faith-Based Community Organizations." Richard White, 1996-97. C. Abbott

"Factors Affecting the Utilization of Mental Health Services by Older Adults." Pamela Wheeler, 1996-97. J. Lansdowne

"New Urbanism and the Elderly in Urban and Suburban Neighborhoods." Patricia Patterson, 1996-97. N. Chapman

"Liberal and Conservative Stories: Faith Journeys and Religious Reorientations in America." Karry Gillespie, 1996-97. R. Liebman

"Retirement in Paradise: A Comparison of Retirees Aging In-Place and Those Who Have Migrated to Deschutes County, Oregon." Stephen March, 1996-97. D. Morgan


"Performance of the Housing Market in Abudhabi City and the Government Housing Policies." Nasser Almansoori, 1995-96. N. Toulan

"Urgent Care Center Location: An Empirical Analysis of Their Locations in Relation to Demographic, Socio-economic, and Land Use Factors. A Case Study of Portland, Oregon." Abdullah Alfaiz, 1995-96. N. Toulan

"Government Policy and Private Organizational Forms: Analysis of Refuse Collection and Disposal in Three Metropolitan Cities." Thomas Wright, 1995-96. J. Lansdowne

"Organization Responses to Educational Telecommunications Policy in Three State: Oregon, Colorado, Utah." Kathi Ketcheson, 1995-96. S. Adler

"Hedonic Analysis of Housing Prices Near the Portland Urban Growth Boundary 1978-1990." Abdullah Alkadi, 1995-96. J. Strathman

"Violent Youth Gangs in Portland: A Study of the City's Response." Debra Lindberg, 1995-96. S. Adler

"Characteristics of Administrators Leadership Style in Quality Child Care Centers." Katherine Bobula, 1995-96. J. Lansdowne

"Unrelated Business Enterprise and Unfair Business Competition Issues Facing Nonprofit Organizations." Larry Scruggs, 1995-96. S. Adler


"Decentralization of Urban Service Activities: An Empirical Study." Wonseon Kyung, 1994-95. J. Strathman

"The Decision and Rationale Which Led to Construction on High-Risk Land After the 1964 Alaska Earthquake - Analysis of Risk Based Cultural Dissociation." Sheila Ann Selkregg, 1994-95. J. Lansdowne

"Implementing Community Policing: A Documentation and Assessment of Organizational Change." Emmajean Williams, 1994-95. C. Tracy

"Pretrial Release in Criminal Courts: A Study of Three Oregon Counties." Melvin E. DeGraw, 1994-95. C. Tracy

"Behavioral and Community Impacts of the Portland Needle Exchange Program." Kathleen J. Oliver, 1994-95. J. Lansdowne

"Physical and Environmental Features that Contribute to Satisfaction with Hospice Facilities." Arezu Movahed, 1994-95. M. Neal

"Information Supports for Caregivers Responsible for Spouses with Alzheimer's Disease." Janet L. Mathews, 1994-95. N. Chapman


"Object Parallel Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Modeling System." David B. Rex, 1993-94. K. Dueker

"The Theory and Practice of Community Policing: An Evaluation of the Iris Court Demonstration Project." Charles A. Moose, 1993-94. D. Gibbons

"The Determinants of Women's Work: A Case Study from Three Urban Low-Income Communities in Amman, Jordan." Taghrid K. Tubbeh, 1993-94. D. Howe

"Cities and Automobiles Dependce: An Empirical Examination of Density and Automobile Dependence Relationship and Their Underlying Factors." Musaad A. Al-Mosaind, 1993-94. K. Dueker

"An Evaluation of Information Resource Management: Measuring Change in a Federal Agency." Randolph D. Perrin, 1993-94. C. Tracy

"Comparative Analysis of Resettlement Policies in the Third World." Abrahim J. Al-Khalisi, 1993-94. S. Alder

"Private Profit Versus Public Service: Competing Demands in Urban Transportation History and Policy, Portland, Oregon, 1872-1970." Martha J. Bianco, 1993-94. S. Adler

"Determining the Property Value Impact of Landfill." Okwuchukwu G. Uba, 1993-94. J. Strathman

"A Simultaneous Route-Level Transit Patronage Model: Service Ridership, and Cross-Route Relationship." Zhongren Peng, 1993-94. K. Duecker


"Perceiving and Coping with Exclusion: The Socialization Experiences of Ethnic Minority Nursing Students." Sarah Porter-Tibbetts, 1992-93. D. Morgan

"Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers: The Transition from Home Care to Formal Care." Marie T. Duncan, 1992-93. D. Morgan

"The Metropolitan - Nonmetropolitan Turnaround in the Pacific States (California, Oregon, and Washington): Labor Migration Flows and Economic Deconcentration." Beverly McLean, 1992-93. R. Lycan

"State Industrial Policy and the Autonomy of State Leaders: Evidence from the Oregon Experience." Matthew I. Slavin, 1992-93. S. Adler

"Urbanization in a Peripheral Capitalist State: A Guyana Case Study." Wazir A. Ishmael, 1992-93. S. Adler

"An Implementation Analysis of the Water Resources Development Act of 1986." James J. Rich, 1992-93. S. Edner

"A Study of Differences between Social HMO and other Medicare Beneficiaries Enrolled in Kaiser Permanente under Capitation Contracts, Regarding ICF Use Rates & Expenditures." Lynn A. Boose, 1992-93. S. Adler

"Rapists and Their Parental Relationships." Yaeko Steidel, 1992-93. H. Maynard

"Assessing the Impact of an ESL/Bilingual Program by Means of Instrumental Variable Estimation." John A. Babatunde, 1992-93. A. Rufolo

"Explorations into the Characteristics, the Determinants of Production, and the Impact of Land Policies on the Informal Housing Sector in Alexandria, Egypt." Mostafa M. El Araby. 1992-93. N. Toulan

"Toward Comprehensive Migration Modeling: A Meta-Analytic Approach." Wamukota F. Wambalaba, 1992-93. W. Rabiega

"Urban Regimes and Downtown Planning in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, 1972-1992." Mark R. Bello, 1992-93. C. Abbott


"The Role of Tourism in Development: A Case Study of Turkey." Habib Alipouraghtapeh, 1991-92. S. Adler

"A comparison of Socio-Political Attitudes of Older Women: The 1910-1924 Cohorts." Elizabeth S. Ikehara, 1991-92. D. Morgan

"Establishing Practical Limits to Crime Control Through Environmental Design." Gerald D. Brock, 1991-92. D. Gibbons

"Who's in Jail? An Examination of Irwin's Rabble Hypothesis." John A. Backstrand, 1991-92. D. Gibbons (CJ)

"Geographic Data in City-Planning Departments: The Volume and Use Related to Advancements in Geographic Information System Technology." Fawzi S. Kubbara, 1991-92. K. Dueker

"Residential Mobility and Revitalization in Portland Between 1970 and 1980: A Study of the Urban Structural Impacts on Neighborhood Revitalization." Sheka G. Kamara, 1991-92. N. Toulan

"Intergenerational Programming: A Confluence of Interests Between the Frail Elderly and Urban Youth." Doris Schindler, 1991-92. G. Blake


"The Relationship Between A Private Voluntary Organization and the Government of A Developing Country in the Delivery of Public Education: A Case Study in Rural Guatemala." Timothy J. Peterson, 1990-91. S. Adler

"The Transformation of Urban Form: A Study of the Interaction Among Policy, Urban Form, and Change in a Small City." Elton H. Schatz, 1990-91. N. Toulan

"The Relocation of North Bonneville, Washington, by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: A Policy Implementation Study." Cecil E. Reinke, 1990-91. J. Lansdowne

"The Effect of Road Investment on Economic Development: A Case Study of the Oregon Counties." Ameer M. Al-Alwan, 1990-91. J. Strathman

"An Exploratory Analysis of Certain Characteristics of Policewomen: A Second Look." Harry O. White, 1990-91. C.Tracy

"The Family Caregiver's Health Decision Making About Early Diagnosis for Alzheimer's Disease Patients." Ping Z. Zhao, 1990-91. D. Morgan

"The Development and Testing of an Instrument to Measure Client Satisfaction of Child Protective Service Families." James M. White, 1990-91. G. Blake


"Commercial Activities and the Geography of Movement in a West African Urban Market: A Study of Market-Stall Traders in Onitsha with Implications for Transport Policy." Krys Chukwuma Ochia, 1989/90. S. Adler

"Integrating Psychological and Economic Perspectives on Energy Consumption: The Determinants of Thermostat Setting Behavior." Jane Stromme Peters, 1989-90. N. Chapman

"Exurban Commuting Patterns: A Case Study of the Portland, Oregon Region." Judy Seppanen Davis, 1989-90. K. Dueker

"Employment Decline in the Douglas-Fir Region's Lumber and Plywood Industries: An Analysis of Structural and Cyclical Factors." Majid Rasoolzadeh, 1989-90. A. Rufolo

"The Determinants of OPEC Market Share Stability." Fahad M. Al-Ajmi, 1989-90. J. Strathman

"The Relationship Between School Integration and Student Attitude Toward Residential Racial Integration." David A. Johnson, 1989-90. G. Blake


"Hospital Responses to a Nursing Shortage: Policy Issues and Professional Implications." Marlene L. Smith, 1988/89. S. Adler

"Hedonic Hedonic Analysis of Gasoline Retailing." Soleman A. Al-Bassir, 1988/89. J. Strathman

"Population Determinants of Social Change: An Analysis of the Age Composition of the United States from 1920 to 1983." Guy N. Burkhardt, 1988/89. J. O'Brien (PA)

"The Long-Term Psychological Impacts of Caregiving on Caregivers of Persons with Stroke." Alice Scannell, 1988/89. N. Chapman

"A Preliminary Analysis of Beneficiary Status and Post-Hospital Placement Before and After the Implementation of Medicare's Prospective Payment System." Ann Wilkinson, 1988/89. J. Lansdowne

"Self-Concept Competency of National Aeronautics and Space Administration Research and Development Managers." Mark A. Beymer, 1988/89. S. Edner

"Urban Service Delivery System and Federal Government Bureaucracy: A Structural Analysis of Spatial Distribution of Water Supply in a Suburban Community of Metropolitan Lagos." Mike Mbanaso, 1988/89. J. Lansdowne

"Caregiving for Parents and Caregiving for Children: The Differential Effects on Job Stress and Absenteeism." Linda Boise, 1988/89. N. Chapman

"The Formation and Expansion of High Technology Firms in Metropolitan Areas." Oliver Orjiako, 1988/89. C. Abbott


"A Study of Ability to Choose Appropriate Conflict Behavior Determined by the Relationship Between Locus of Control of Conflict Behavior Styles." Mary H. Zinkin, 1987/88. J. Lansdowne

"Determinants of the Spatial Distribution of Peri-Urban to Rural Agriculture in the United States." Ibrahim Amin Asad Abdel-Karim, 1987/88. W. Rabiega

"A Critical Study of Communciations in Land Use Hearings." Douglas J. Warren, 1987/88. C. Bolton

"The Impact of Physical Environment on the Social Climate of Two Jails." James G. Houston, 1987/88. D. Gibbons

"Residential Care Facilities: Resident Characteristics and Public Policy." Sharon Anice Baggett, 1987/88. S. Adler

"The Development of a Social Network Following Geographic Relocation." Joan E. Starker, 1987/88. N. Chapman

"Direct and Indirect Costs of Tinnitus: Factors for Decision-Making." Gloria E. Reich, 1987/88. N. Chapman

"Adolescent Shoplifting and Situational Stimuli." James A. Chambers, 1987/88. C. Tracy

"The Trunk A Network in Nigeria: The Issues of Connectivity and Accessibility." O.R. Owen, 1987/88. W. Rabiega


"Technology Impact Assessment: The Effectiveness of Advanced Instructional Technology in Remedying Learning Difficulties of Disadvantaged Youngsters in an Urban Setting." Wossen Encubahre, 1986/87. M. Paglin

"Effects of Stress and Social Support on Maternal Attachment with a Handicapped Infant." Cecelia Capuzzi, 1986/87. N. Chapman

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"An Analysis of the Shift of Employment toward Multi-Sectoral Services Industries in California: 1960 - 1980." Adamu Aylew, 1986/87. J. Strathman

"Interregional Competition in the Wood Products Industry: An Econometric Spatial Equilibrium Approach." Hossein Haeri, 1986/87. A. Rufolo


"Women's Labor Supply and Commuting Behavior: A Time-Budget Analysis." Ta-Win Lin, 1985/86. K. Dueker

"Physical Illness and Depression: Changes Over Time in Middle Aged and Elderly Persons." Ann K. Williams, 1985/86. R. Schulz

"Socialization and Ideal Expectations for the Health Professional Role in the Provision of Quality Terminal Care for the Urban Elderly." Margaret Beth Neal, 1985/86. L. Cain

"Elderly Stroke Victims and Their Partners: A Longitudinal Study of Social Support and Well-Being Changes Associated With a Disabling Stroke." Marie T. Rau, 1985/86. R. Schulz

"Determinants of the Variations in the Presence of the Subfamily in U.S. Metropolitan Areas: 1980." John Ossaiedeme Umude, 1985/86. W. Rabiega


"Retirement Satisfaction and the Timing of the Retirement Age: An Analysis of Retirees and Older Workers." Donna E. Stuteville, 1984/85. C. White

"Stepfamily Adjustment: A Balance Theory Analysis Including the Non-Custodial Parent as a Member of the Family System." Margaret L. Fujita, 1984/85. N. Chapman

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"Subsidized Housing for Seniors: A Comparative Study of Management Styles." Thelma Lofquist, 1984/85. M. Weitman

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"Evaluating Urban Containment Programs." Arthur C. Nelson, 1983/84. K. Dueker
Dr. Arthur C. (Christian “Chris”) Nelson, FAICP, is Presidential Professor of City & Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah where he is also Director of the Metropolitan Research Center.

"The Outcomes of a Quality Circle Program in an Electronics Manufacturing Firm." Martin L. Abbott, 1983/84. G. Blake

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Note: The following codes refer to areas of specialization:

(SP) = Urban Social Patterns & Human Development

(PA) = Policy Analysis

(URS) = Urban and Regional Structure

(RS) = Regional Science

(PAP) = Public Administration & Policy

Masters Theses

Hidden Hills, Hidden Meanings: A neighborhood Study. Terri Ewing. 1992-93. Carl Abbott

Satisfaction with Social Support among Recent Widows. Silverman, R. A. 1993.

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