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Doctoral Degrees

Ph.D. in Urban Studies

Understanding metropolitan regions and their problems, and analyzing policies to shape their evolution and overcome obstacles are major concerns of the Urban Studies Ph.D. Our program revolves around three major obstacles that need to be overcome in order to maintain the dynamism of our metropolitan regions:

  1. problems associated with growing social and economic inequalities between different places and population groups within the metropolitan region; 
  2. environmental problems related to the prevailing pattern of urbanization; 
  3. and the lack of effective institutions of regional governance.

The Ph.D. Urban Studies program explores these issues from multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary points of view. Through participation in classes and seminars, and supervised research and teaching activities, Ph.D. students are prepared for careers in institutions of higher education and in research organizations.

Ph.D. in Urban Studies: Regional Science

Regional science brings a variety of social science perspectives to bear in analyzing the growth and development of metropolitan areas, states, and regions. The regional science program shares the same core requirements as the Urban Studies Ph.D.

Beyond these, students in regional science design a program of study around two field areas. The first field should be Transportation or Economic Development unless an alternate field is approved by the student's committee. The second field should emphasize methodology and coursework specific to Regional Science. This field will be developed by the student and advisory committee.


Dr. Karen Gibson
Ph.D. Program Director
(503) 725.8265


Dr. Connie Ozawa 
Pd.D., Director, Urban Studies and Planning
(503) 725-5126

Office of Graduate Studies