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TSUSP Student Projects Making Headlines

  • Our 2012 MURP China interns are busy and blogging!  Shavon Caldwell and Colin Rowan are in Beijing, Derek Dauphin and Jenny Koch are in Chongqing, and Iren Taran is in Shenzhen for the summer.  Check out their commentary, photos, and videos here.
  • MURP student group, Transport PSU, which was selected to receive funding from the Institute for Sustainable Solutions' "Solutions Generator" program, was given a write-up in the May 24th, 2012 issue of the PSU Vanguard. The group, consisting of Zef Wagner, Brooke Jordan, Derek Abe, Derek Dauphin and Ryan Farncomb, is conducting a feasibility study on the PSU FlexPass.

  • The PSU Planning Club hosted a lecture by Enrique Peñalosa, respected speaker on urban planning issues and former mayor of Bogota, at the Gerding Theater.  The exciting and inspiring event was filmed, and the video is now available for viewing here.

  • Students in the Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development program proposed an entertainment site for a 16 acre plot of land in Hillsboro owned by Standard Insurance Company.  On April 4th, the students presented their proposal to Mark Fisher, Vice President and Managing Director for The Standard and Stancorp Mortgage Investors.
  • First year MURP students Zef Wagner, Brooke Jordan, Derek Abe, Derek Dauphin and Ryan Farncomb's proposed a feasibility study for a universal transit pass to encourage students to take mass transportation.  Their universal transit pass project was selected for funding through the Solutions Generator student award program from the Portland State Institute for Sustainable Solutions.  Their project was one of 13 chosen for funding from a competitive group of more than 40 proposals.

    MURP student Kate Williams was also a contributor to a Solutions Generator project, a researched narrative and animation of the bioregional water cycle entitled Portland's Water Cycle: Bioregional Literacy & Climate Change. March, 2012.

  • Every holiday season, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) and the Portland Business Alliance (PBA) support a handful of Pop Ups in the Portland downtown retail core. In 2011, Planning Club, along with MURP alum, PDC's Katherine Krajnak, hosted a walking tour of these 5 temporary shop locations.  Read more about Downtown Portland Pop ups. December, 2011.
  • MURP student Misty Schymtzik traveled to Namibia's West Bwabwata Park and chronicled her travels, experiences, and research in her blog.  Updated November 2011.

  • Six students and recent graduates in the MURP program headed to China for summer internships. The students utilized the partnerships between PSU, the Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD), and the Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen (UPDIS). Check out their blog about their experiences and adventures here. November 3, 2011.  On November 17, 2011, three of these students gave a presentation on their summer in China.
  • Erica “Aisha” Charves is spending the year living and researching in the United Arab Emirates on a Fullbright Fellowship. Charves will be studying Urban Planning at UAEU while researching Emirati women’s leadership in urban planning and community development.  More. November 3, 2011.
  • Students enrolled in Professor Richard White’s Summer Seminar on International Sustainable Community Development traveled to Nicaragua to learn from and share with community members there. The students provided a chronicle of their thoughts, experiences and insights in a class blog, available here. August, 2011.
  • Students Mike Bray, Anastaya Raichart, and Megan Brown (three of eight students who researched International Community Development practice in Nicaragua) designed an online catalog featuring fair trade artwork of Nicaraguan Artisans for Esperanza en Accion, Managua, Nicaragua. Esperanza recently launched the catalog here.  July, 2011.
  • Aided by a feasibility study conducted by MURP workshop group Adelante Planning, Hacienda CDC unveiled their plans for Portland Mercado. June 26. 2011.

  • MURP workshop students in Formworks Planning Group presented a series of design guidelines for Olde Towne St. Helen's to the town's City Council Wednesday, May 4. The proposal contains several suggestions that would preserve the asthetics of the area still allowing for flexibility among business owners. South County Spotlight. May 11, 2011.
  • Second years MURP students in the Mountains to Main workshop group have been working closely with Weston residents to develop a meaningful vision for their community. East Oregonian. April 03, 2011.

  • Adelante Planning has joined forces with Hacienda CDC and the Latino Community to incorporate economic development, business incubation, and community empowerment and to conduct a feasibility analysis for a Latino Public Market in East Portland or East Multnomah County. El Hispanic News. April 7, 2011

note: the article above misidentifies Abigail Cermak as "Valentina Smith." It should read "PSU Students Ellen Wyoming and Abigail Cermak..."

  • Members of the Vista Planning workshop group look to the future of Forest Grove with early stage planning in the David Hill Urban Reserve. Forest Grove News-Times. March 16, 2011.
  • Formworks group hopes to encourage development in St. Helens Old Towne with a revised set of architectural design guidelines. The Spotlight. March 16, 2011.

Faculty News

  • The Oregonian ran a four part special report entitled Locked Out: The Failure of Portland-area Fair Housing starting on Sunday, June 3rd.  The series investigates the ways in which taxpayer dollars reinforce structures of poverty and segregation, rather than breaking them down.  The in-depth article features commentary from TSUSP Associate Professors Karen J. Gibson and Lisa Bates, in Part One and Part Two, respectively.  The article also quotes Community Development alumna and former City Commissioner Gretchen Kafoury on city accountability.
  • Professor Charles Heying was recently interviewed by Consumer Media Network about his research on the "artisan economy" and its relation to the recent sure in "Generation Y" entrepreneurship.  Dr. Heying discussed the ways in which small-scale local, autonomous, creatively-based businesses have enabled young adults like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to become successful entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

    Dr. Heying was also be a primary resource on an article for Relevant Magazine.

  • TSUSP Professor Sy Adler moderated the Oregon APA's Mayoral Candidates Debate on March 14th, 2012 at the Aladdin Theater. The forum was designed to give "beyond the sound bite" insight into the candidates' understanding of and views on the important issues facing Portland.

  • TSUSP's March 14th, 2012 session of its CityWise breakfast, featuring a lecture by Dr. Carl Abbott, received a write-up in PSU's Daily Vanguard student newspaper.
  • Professor Ethan Seltzer was invited to make two presentations in Japan on collaborative planning and EcoDistricts, one to the Second International Sustainable Campus Forum in Tokyo on February 4, 2012,  and the second to the Third Annual Kyoso Forum: Toward the Realization of the Eco-City in Sapporo on February 6. Professor Seltzer was also invited to deliver the keynote address to the Second Annual Washington County Citizen Action Network Annual Summit, held at Pacific University in Forest Grove on Saturday, February 11, 2012. You can read an article on the Summit and Dr. Seltzer's talk in The Oregonian newspaper.
  • On February 29th, 2012, Associate Professor Karen Gibson hosted a panel discussion with long-time Albina residents on The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, a novel about growing up biracial and bicultural in a mostly black community during 1980s Portland. The discussion was part of Multnomah County Library's Everybody Reads program, sponsored in part by PSU.
  • TSUSP Professor Karen Gibson offers insights on why and how Portland's North and Northeast neighborhoods have grown more white, despite increasing diversity in Portland and Oregon as a whole. Article 1, 2 at April 30, 2011.