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University Studies Surveys


Assessment plays a central role in helping University Studies further student learning. The confidential surveys below are used in conjunction with other tools, such as the end-of-year portfolio, to help faculty and the department in developing its programs.

If you are a student, your instructor or mentor will provide instructions on when to take a particular survey.

To see results of our surveys and other assessment activities, please visit our reports page.

If you have any questions or comments about assessment in University Studies, please contact Rowanna Carpenter, Assessment Coordinator (

Current Survey:

    Future Surveys:

    • Early Term Assessment (Freshman and Sophomore Inquiry Students)
    • FRINQ Early Year Survey (End of fall term)
    • FRINQ Mid-year Survey (End of winter term)
    • SrINQ (High School) End-of-year survey 
    • FRINQ End-of-year survey (End of third term)
    • SINQ End-of-term evaluation
    • SrInq/FRINQ/SINQ ePortfolio or student work sample consent form