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University Studies Goals


Inquiry and Critical Thinking

Students will learn various modes of inquiry through interdisciplinary curricula—problem-posing, investigating, conceptualizing—in order to become active, self-motivated, and empowered learners.

Critical Thinking and Inquiry Rubric (word, pdf)



Students will enhance their capacity to communicate in various ways—writing, graphics, numeracy, and other visual and oral means—to collaborate effectively with others in group work, and to be competent in appropriate communication technologies.

Writing Rubric (word, pdf)
Quantitative Literacy Rubric (word, pdf)


The Diversity of Human Experience

Students will enhance their appreciation for and understanding of the rich complexity of the human experience through the study of differences in ethnic and cultural perspectives, class, race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.

Diversity of Human Experience Rubric (word, pdf)


Ethics and Social Responsibility

Students will expand their understanding of the impact and value of individuals and their choices on society, both intellectually and socially, through group projects and collaboration in learning communities.

Ethics and Social Responsibility Rubric (word, pdf)