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Sophomore Inquiry Assessment and Research

University Studies assesses student learning in Sophomore Inquiry courses through student surveys and review of student ePortfolios and work samples.  Individual Clusters design assessment activities appropriate to their questions and needs. 

As you read these reports, let us know what questions they raise and how you use this information to inform your practice.  Contact Rowanna Carpenter, Assessment Coordinator, ( with any questions about UNST assessment or research.

Tell us how you have used UNST assessment information.

Spring 2015

Online SINQ and Capstone Review

We investigated students' profile, performance, and reported experience in online vs. face-to-face SINQ and Capstone courses.

  •  Online facult have discussed the report and generated ideas for next steps to support students.
  • SINQ Mentors will experiment with calling students in online classes to support them.
Winter 2014

Profile of SINQ Students - Fall 2013

This report presents a profile of students enrolled in Sophomore Inquiry courses during Fall 2013 including demographic, academic, and financial information.

Winter 2014 This excerpt of the 2012-2013 UNST Annual Assessment report summarizes assessment findings based on student surveys and review of student work samples.
  • Survey findings are being used to help shape overall SINQ workshop development.
  • Cluster coordinators are using cluster specific findings to inform SINQ/Cluster improvement projects.
Summer 2013

Profile of Online SINQ Students

This report presents an academic and demographic profile of online SINQ students compared with students enrolled in face-to-face courses.

Winter 2013

SINQ Student Retention and Belonging 

This research conducted by graduate students Cristina Restad and Christa Zinke examines factors related to SINQ student retention and sense of belonging at PSU.

  • This research is informing a campus-wide study on sophomore success.
Summer 2012

Writing in Sophomore Inquiry

SINQ students report on their previous writing experience and on the writing assignments and support in their SINQ courses.

  • Provides baseline data prior to implementing new SINQ writing outcomes and expectations. 
Winter 2012

 Fall 2011 SINQ Student Profile

Presents a profile of students enrolled in SINQ courses based on responses to the Prior Learning Survey and demographic and academic university data.

  •  The writing question data is being used by a group developing writing criteria for SINQs
Fall 2011 This excerpt of the 2010-2011 UNST Annual Assessment report summarizes assessment findings based on student surveys and review of student work samples.