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Alumni Profile: Greg Tudor '08 Alumni Profile: Greg Tudor '08
Bridges to Use Bridges to Use
Undergraduates in the School of Business Administration's Strategy Capstone course partner with Innovation & Intellectual Property and gain real world experience researching and planning paths forward for technology developed at PSU.
Andrew Reed Andrew Reed
Adjunct Instructor at the School of Social Work (UNST Capstone)
Faculty Member
Sonja Young Taylor Sonja Young Taylor
Instructor for University Studies
Faculty Member
Alma Trinidad Alma Trinidad
Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work
Faculty Member
Michael Taylor Michael Taylor
Assistant Professor for Child and Family Studies at the School of Social Work & Family Studies Cluster Coordinator for University Studies Program
Faculty Member
Sam Gioia Sam Gioia
Instructor at the School of Social Work
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Suwako Watanabe - Japanese Meet Professor Suwako Watanabe - Japanese
Dr. Watanabe relishes the moments when the "light bulb" goes on in her students and their japanese language learning becomes meaningful to them.
Faculty Member
Michael Flower, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Faculty Member
Meet Christof Teuscher Meet Christof Teuscher
Dr. Teuscher’s research focuses on the future of computers.
Faculty Member
Meet Joshua Fost Meet Joshua Fost
Joshua Fost explores implications of neuroscience and the naturalistic worldview.
Faculty Member
Meet Joel Bettridge
Joel Bettridge draws on his background in poetry and philosophy to help students develop their critical thinking and writing skills.
Faculty Member
Meet Vicki L Reitenauer Meet Vicki L Reitenauer
Vicki Reitenauer helps students use reflective thinking and writing in the service of working collaboratively with community organizations to make positive change.
Faculty Member
Meet Deborah Smith Arthur
Deborah Smith Arthur facilitates Capstones in the areas of juvenile justice and educational equity.
Faculty Member
Meet Associate Professor Barry Messer Meet Associate Professor Barry Messer
Barry Messer knows why healthy rivers make healthy communities.
Faculty Member
Meet Jack Straton Meet Jack Straton
With a background in jazz, quantum theory, and diversity training, Jack Straton infuses his classes with creativity, interdisciplinary experience, and interpersonal connection.
Faculty Member
Meet Michael Flower Meet Michael Flower
Michael Flower is a developmental and molecular biologist whose interests turned from the laboratory study of embryos and genes to the ways in which they've become objects of political battle and moral dispute.
Faculty Member
Meet Anmarie Trimble Meet Anmarie Trimble
Anmarie Trimble brings together creative writers and multimedia artists to create literary artworks.
Faculty Member
Meet Jamie P. Ross Meet Jamie P. Ross
Jamie P. Ross shows students how philosophy and critical inquiry is the basis of all further learning.
Faculty Member
Meet Jeff Gerwing Meet Jeff Gerwing
How can people have equitable access to rich and rewarding lives while living within the means of natural systems? This question is central to the research and teaching of Dr. Jeff Gerwing.
Faculty Member