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Guidelines for Spending FRINQ and/or Capstone Course Fee

All faculty are now in charge of preparing their own personal reimbursement request form

Once you have completed and signed your personal reimbursement form, please submit the form as well as your original receipts to Thuy Vu (Fiscal Officer, CH 122 / ext. 5-5843).

Only State employees can be reimbursed.  Students will not get reimbursed by PSU.

UNST cannot reimburse faculty for any food or beverages.

PSU will only reimburse the faculty of record for each Frinq and Capstone course.  Therefore, only the faculty of record should purchase supplies for the course.  Please do not ask your students to purchase materials.

University Studies prefers that each faculty member submits all of his/her receipts at one time when possible.

PSU requires that all receipts be processed within 60 days from date of purchase. In order to ensure that receipts are processed in a timely manner, please submit your receipts to UNST within 45 days to allow two weeks for processing and approval.

PSU requires that all on line purchases must be delivered to a PSU address.  Faculty must submit original proof of payment and proof of delivery (packing list) or you will not get reimbursed.

Any guest speakers or any individuals providing a service for the course must be paid via Portland State University through a personal service contract.  Faculty cannot be reimbursed for payments made directly to individuals for services rendered.  See Thuy Vu if you have any questions on how to pay a guest speaker.

There are strict guidelines for issuing a personal service contract.  Completed paperwork must be signed by all (department and guest speaker) and submitted to Thuy Vu three weeks prior to commencement of work.   

Acceptable Expenditures include:

  • Office supplies

  • Teaching and research materials (including classroom supplies and books)

  • Production and distribution of final product (photo copy)

  • Van rental (see Thuy)

  • Personal service contract (see Thuy)

If you purchase ANY supplies from one of the following vendors, YOU MUST CONTACT THUY to obtain the INDEX CODE for billing. YOU MUST USE THE DEPARTMENTAL INDEX CODE INSTEAD OF ANY OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT for the following vendors. EACH TIME YOU USE THE INDEX CODE AT THESE VENDORS, YOU MUST CONTACT THUY VU so she can track these expenditures. She will need a receipt submitted to her each time you use the index code. If you have ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT THUY VU at 725-5843 ( 

These vendors include:

  • Clean Copy

  • Kinkos

  • Staples

Unacceptable Expenditures include:

  • Food & Drinks

  • Awards or prizes

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Gifts or flowers

  • Party supplies or decorations

  • Materials for community partner

  • Gift cards or gift certificates

  • I-pods, digital cameras, printers and other forms of technology that UNST already owns and faculty can check out from the department