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Cluster: Popular Culture

Popular culture is a vital area of study that offers new insights into our history, beliefs, diversity, emotional make-up, and socio-economic relations. Study of popular culture is an interdisciplinary approach aimed at understanding how culture links the individual and society. This cluster of courses will enable students to see everyday life with new eyes by teaching them the habits of critical thinking and query into what they would otherwise take for granted.

Cluster Coordinator: Tracy Dillon
Office: 481 NH   
Phone: 725-3579   

Sophomore Inquiry: Popular Culture

(UNST 254)

In this course, students begin to study popular culture through observation, reflection, description, and critical thinking in order to gain a deeper understanding of the popular myths surrounding everyday life. Students focus on several forms of popular culture and engage in discussion and interpretation individually and in-group work.

This SINQ leads to the Popular Culture Cluster.

Approved Cluster Courses:

Academic Year 14-15

Note: Courses listed below are all Approved Cluster Courses for the 2014 - 2015 year.  

ANTH 300U Modern World in Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 330U Anthropology of Folklore
BST 424U African American Culture in Cinema
BST 427U African American Films and Film Makers
COMM 312U Media Literacy
COMM / WS 337U
Communication and Gender (crosslisted with WS 337U)
COMM 362U Bollywood Cinema
COMM 370U  Debate and Forensics 
CS 345U  Cyberculture: The Internet and Popular Culture 
CS 348U  Digital Media and Society
ENG 305U  Topics in Film
ENG 306U  Topics in Literature and Popular Culture  
ENG 307U  Science Fiction 
ENG 309U  American Indian Literature
ENG 330U  Jewish and Israeli Literature 
ENG 332U  History of Cinema and Narrative Media I 
ENG 333U  History of Cinema and Narrative Media II 
ENG 334U Topics in Film Genres and Movements
ENG 335U  Topics in Film and Literature 
ENG 367U Topics in American Literature and Culture
ENG 373U  Topics in Literature, Race, and Ethnicity 
FILM 331U Understanding Movies
FILM 370U Topics: Theater, Media and Culture
FILM 384U American Cinema and Culture I
FILM 385U American Cinema and Culture II
JST 333U Israeli Culture and Society
MKTG 340U  Advertising
MUS 355U  Jazz History 
MUS 360U  The Guitar: History and Music
MUS 361U  History of Rock Music I  
MUS 362U  History of Rock Music II  
MUS 363U The Music of the Beatles
MUS 364U Modern Music Technology 
PHE 351U Film and Health
PHL 370U Philosophy of Work and Leisure
PS 318U  Media, Opinion and Voting 
TA 305U  Understanding Theater
TA 362U  Contemporary Dance 1920 - Present
TA 366U Dance in Film:  Early Years through 1940's
TA 367U Dance in Film: 1940's to Present
WS 308U Topics: Gender, Literature & Popular Culture
WS / COMM 337U  Communication and Gender (crosslisted with COMM 337U)