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Cluster: Morality (no longer offered as of fall 2012)

* This SINQ & cluster no longer offered as of Fall 2012 *

If you are looking for information on current Morality SINQ/clusters, please scroll down.

The Morality Cluster is ending effective Fall 2012 and are being replaced with a new cluster – Knowledge Values Rationality cluster.

Those previously in these clusters may take the following pathways to complete this new cluster:
A student who has Knowledge Rationality Understanding or Morality SINQ can meet the cluster course requirements by taking one or more courses from the Knowledge Values Rationality cluster.

A student who has already taken Knowledge Rationality Understanding or Morality SINQ, but still needs additional SINQs to meet UNST requirements, may count Knowledge Values Rationality SINQ as one of their options.

A student who has taken previously approved cluster courses listed in Knowledge Rationality Understanding or Morality cluster may use those courses to meet the Knowledge Values Rationality cluster course requirements.

A student who has taken previously approved cluster courses listed in Knowledge Rationality Understanding or Morality cluster, but still need to take the connected SINQ, may meet the SINQ requirements by taking the Knowledge Values Rationality SINQ.

Other cases will be resolved on a case by case basis.  Students should not be disadvantaged by having to take additional University Studies requirements because of this programmatic change.

A student can only count Knowledge Values Rationality SINQ once to meet the UNST requirements.

Morality (no longer offered as of fall 2012)

This cluster studies morality (i.e., moral learning, beliefs, values, feelings, and behavior) from the perspective of philosophy, psychology, and other academic disciplines. The aim of these courses is not just the practical moral one of improving moral thought and behavior but the more intellectual one of coming to understand better this central aspect of our human nature.

Sophomore Inquiry: Morality

(UNST 249)

This course focuses attention on the psychology of moral development, as well such philosophical questions as whether there are any objective moral standards. There will also be stress on the distinctions between philosophical questions about morality, scientific questions about morality and moral questions themselves, as well as some effort to introduce students to the relevant methods of scientific inquiry on the one hand, and philosophical inquiry on the other hand.

This SINQ leads to the Morality Cluster.

Approved Cluster Courses:

Academic Year 11-12

*Courses listed below are all Approved Cluster Courses.  Please refer to the PSU Class Schedule for courses offered for the term.

HST/PHL 399U American Values/Conflict (Crosslisted with PHL 399U)
PHE 444U Global Health
PHE 455U Film and Health
PHL 308U Elementary Ethics
PHL 309U Business Ethics
PHL 310U Environmental Ethics
PHL 311U Morality of Punishment
PHL 313U Life and Death Issues
PHL 314U Computer Ethics
PHL 316U Social & Political Philosophy
PHL 331U Philosophy of Education
PHL 350U International Ethics
PHL 355U Morality and Health Care
PHL 369U Philosophy of Sex and Love
PHL / HST 399U American Values/Conflict (Crosslisted with HST 399U)
PHL 481U Biomedical Ethics
PS 325U Politics and the Legal Enforcement of Morals
PSY 410U Psychology of Moral Development 
SCI 363U Ethics in Science
SYSC 399U Sustainability, Systems, Concepts and Indigenous Perspectives