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Cluster: Interpreting the Past

This cluster offers students the chance to explore our complex and interwoven histories using the tools of the humanities and sciences.  Concentrating on the pre-20th century world (excluding North America, which is studied in the American Studies Cluster), we investigate the diversity of our shared human past, giving students a necessary context for understanding the present.

Cluster Coordinator: Richard Beyler
Office: 441-O CH 
Phone: (503) 725 3996

Sophomore Inquiry: Interpreting the Past

(UNST 236)

The Interpreting the Past SINQ investigates a historical theme or period in order to give students the necessary tools to deepen their understanding of our shared human heritage in the cluster classes. All Sophomore Inquiry classes will analyze a primary source, whether texts, images, or artifacts, and also instruct students in the primary steps of research-based writing.

This SINQ leads to the Interpreting the Past Cluster.

Approved Cluster Courses:

Academic Year 13-14

Note: Courses listed below are all Approved Cluster Courses for the 2013 - 2014 year.  If you are looking for listings for 2012 - 2013, they are archived here.

Archaeological Method and Theory
European Prehistory
African Prehistory
Egyptian Archaeology: From the earliest humans to the Pyramid Age
Pacific Northwest Prehistory
North American Prehistory
Mesoamerican Prehistory
East Asian Prehistory
Oceania Prehistory
ArH 311U
History of Asian Art: Indian and Indonesian
ArH 312U
History of Asian Art: China and Korea
ArH 313U
History of Asian Art: Japan
ArH 321U
Survey of Korean Art
ArH 411U
Chinese Buddhist Art
ArH 412U
Japanese Buddhist Art
ArH 422U
Chinese Painting
ArH 423U
Japanese Painting
ArH 426U
African Art
ArH 439U
History of Architecture
ArH 451U
Ancient Art I: Prehistoric, Egyptian, & Mesopotamian
ArH 452U
Ancient Art II:  Aegean & Greek 
ArH 453U
Ancient Art III:  Etruscan & Roman
ArH 456U
Early Medieval Art
ArH 457U
Byzantine Art
ArH 458U
Romanesque Art
ArH 459U
Gothic Art
ArH 461U Northern Renaissance Art
ArH 471U
Italian Renaissance Art I
ArH 472U
Italian Renaissance Art II
ArH 473U
Italian Renaissance Art III
ArH 476U
Baroque Art I
ArH 477U
Baroque Art II
ArH 478U
Baroque Art III
ArH 481U
Nineteenth Century Art I
ArH 482U
Nineteenth Century Art II
BST 305U
African History Before 1800
BST 319U
Traditional Cultures of Africas
BST 362U
African Prehistory
CHN 341U
Topics in Chinese Literature and Thought
CHN 342U
Chinese Vernacular Literature (Traditional)
Hans Christian Anderson
Major Works in Danish Literature
ENG 301U
ENG 317U
Greek Mythology
ENG 318U
The Bible as Literature
ENG 319U
Northern European Mythology
ENG 320U
English Novel
ENG 340U
Medieval Literature
ENG 341U
Renaissance Literature
ENG 342U
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature
ENG 343U
ENG 344U
Literature of the Victorian Period
FR 335U
19th Century France
FR 341U
Introduction to French Literature I (taught in French)
FR 342U
Introduction to French Literature (17th - 18th) (taught in French)
GER 341U
Introduction to German Literature I (taught in German)
GRK 330U
Ancient Greek Literature
GRK 331U
Plato as Literature
GRK 332U
Greek Religion
GRK 333U
Women in Ancient Greece
GRK 334U
Greek Ethics
GRK 335U
Sophocles and Euripides
GRK 336U
Ancient Greek Comedy
HST 312U
African History Before 1800
HST 314U
Ancient Near East & Egypt
HST 315U
Greek History
HST 316U
Roman History
HST 317U
Jewish History from Antiquity to the Medieval Period
HST 319U
Rabbinic Culture in the Roman World
HST 320U
East Asian Civilization
HST 321U
Early Modern East Asia
HST 350U
English History
HST 351U
History of England II: 18th - 20th Century
HST 352U
European Women's History to 1700
HST 354U
Early Medieval Europe: 300-1100
HST 355U
Late Medieval Europe: 1100-1450
HST 356U
Renaissance and Reformation Europe, 1400-1600
HST 357U
Europe from Reformation to Revolutions
HST 359U
Early Modern France
HST 365U
Latin American History I
HST 375U
History of Kievan and Muscovite Russia 800's - 1700
HST 385U
Middle East in Modern Times: 19th and Early 20th Century
HST 387U
History of Modern Science
IT 341U
Introduction to Italian Literature (Late 1500s - Late 1800s)
JPN 341U
Topics in Japanese Lit.: Intro to Classical and Medieval Japanese Lit.
JST 317U
Jewish History from Antiquity to the Medieval Period
JST 319U
Rabbinic Culture in the Roman World
JST 324U
Historical Introduction of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament
JST 325U
Retelling the Bible
LAT 330U
Roman Culture
LAT 331U
Early Medieval Civilization
LAT 341U
Roman Literature in Translation
MUS 360U
The Guitar: History and Music
PER 330U
Persian Culture and Civilization
PHL 301U
History of Philosophy
PHL 302U
Medieval Philosophy
PHL 304U
19th Century Philosophy
PHL 319U
Introduction to Asian Philosophy
RUS 330U
Russian Culture & Civilization
RUS 441U
Russian Literature in Translation: Nineteenth Century 
TA 322U
History of Dress I
TA 323U
History of Dress II
WLL 335U Icelandic Sagas
WLL 448U Major Figures in Literature: Tolstoy
WLL 448U  Major Figures in Literature: Dostoevsky
WS 370U  History of Sexualities