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Cluster: Global Perspectives

The aim of this cluster is to introduce students to the richness of cultures in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, drawing on perspectives from the humanities and social sciences. Through exploring the interplay between political, economic, environmental, and cultural systems, past and present, students will develop skills and attitudes to function as "global citizens."

Cluster Coordinator:
Stephen Frenkel
Office: EH 338
Phone: 503-725-5085

Sophomore Inquiry: Global Perspectives

(UNST 233)

Each SINQ will focus on the culture, history, geography, politics, and economy of a specific region of the world, but each will introduce a set of basic concepts that are intended to provide common ground for students continuing on in the upper division courses of the cluster:
This SINQ leads to the Global Perspectives Cluster.

Approved Cluster Courses:

Academic Year 14-15

Note: Courses listed below are all Approved Cluster Courses for the 2014 - 2015 year. 

ANTH 311U Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 312U Southeast Asian Societies and Cultures
ANTH 317U Peoples and Cultures of South Asia
ANTH 318U Asian American Experience
ANTH / BST 319U Traditional Cultures of Africa (crosslisted with BST 319U)
ANTH 362U African Prehistory
AR 441U Major Arabic Works in Translation
ArH 311U History of Asian Art: Indian and Indonesian
ArH 321U Survey of Korean Art
ArH 381U Nineteenth Century Art I
ArH 381U Nineteenth Century Art II
ArH 415U Issues in Asian Art
ArH 422U Chinese Painting
ArH 423U Japanese Painting
ArH 425U Modern Japanese Painting
BST 305U African History Before 1800
BST 306U African History Since 1800
BST / ANTH 319U Traditional Cultures of Africa (crosslisted with ANTH 319U)
BST 325U Race and Ethnicity in Latin America
BST 326U Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico
BST / ENG 351U  African American Literature I  (crosslisted with ENG 351U)
BST / ENG 352U African American Literature II  (crosslisted with ENG 352U)
BST / ENG 353U African American Literature III  (crosslisted with ENG 353U)
BST 353U African Women in Film
BST 356U Cuban Film: Politics and Culture
BST 357U Caribbean Spirituality
BST 362U
African Prehistory
BST 363U
African Cinema and African Cultures
BST 372U Sociology of Africa: Post Colonial Studies of Africa
BST 377U
Voudon, Rasta and Islam in the Carribean
BST 384U
African Immigrant Communities in Oregon
BST 406U  Caribbean Overseas Program 
BST 414U  Racism 
BST 420U  Caribbean Literature 
BST 422U  African Fiction 
BST 425U  Black Cinema in the 1970's 
BST 426U  Contemporary African-American Cinema 
BST 427U  African/American Films and Film Makers 
BST 440U  Caribbean Studies 
BST 467U  African Development Issues 
BST 470U African Art
CHLA 302U  Chicano/Latino Literature 
CHLA 303U  Chicana/Latina Experience 
CHLA 375U  Southwestern Borderlands History 
CHN 341U  Topics in Chinese Literature and Thought 
CHN 342U  Chinese Vernacular Literature (Traditional) 
CHN 343U  Chinese Vernacular Literature (Modern) 
CR 306U Introduction to Non-Violence
DANE 345U  Hans Christian Anderson 
DANE 346U  Danish 20th Century Women Writers 
DANE 347U  Major Works in Danish Literature 
DANE 361U  Danish Film from Dreyer to Dogmer 
EC 338U  Political Economy of Latin American Development
EC 350U Economics of Development
ENG 330U Jewish & Israli Literature
ENG 345U Modern British Literature
ENG / BST 351U African American Literature I  (crosslisted with BST 351U)
ENG / BST 352U African American Literature II  (crosslisted with BST 352U)
ENG 353U African American Literature III
FR 343U  Introduction to French Literature: 19th-20th Century 
GEOG 350U Geography of World Affairs
GEOG 352U  The Himalaya and Tibet 
GEOG 353U  Pacific Rim 
GEOG 354U  Geography of Europe 
GEOG 355U  Landscapes of Spain 
GEOG 356U  Russia and Its Neighbors 
GEOG 360U  Latin America 
GEOG 363U  Geography of Africa 
GEOG 364U  Geography of the Middle East 
GER 441U Major Works in Translation:  Ancient German Myth in German Literature
GER 441U  Major Works in Translation:  German Intellectual History I 
GER 441U Major Works in Translation:  German Literature in Translation I
GER 441U Major Works in Translation:  Nietzsche
GER 441U  Major Works: Nazi Culture 
GER 441U  Major Works: Variety of Topics (when content is appropriate)
HST 312U  African History Before 1800 
HST 313U  African History Since 1800 
HST 318U Jewish History from Medieval Period to Present
HST 320U  East Asian Civilization 
HST 321U  Early Modern East Asia 
HST 322U  Modern East Asia 
HST 351U  History of England II: 18th - 20th Century 
HST 357U  Europe from Reformation to Revolutions 
HST 358U  Europe from National Unification to European Union 
HST 360U  French Revolution and Napoleon 
HST 362U / INTL 362U Amazon Rainforest
HST 365U  Latin American History I 
HST 366U  Latin American History II 
HST 376U History of Imperial Russia 1700-1917
HST 377U History of the Soviet Union and Post-Soviet Russia
HST 385U  Middle East in Modern Times: 19th and Early 20th Century 
HST 386U  Middle East in Modern Times: 20th Century 
INTL 317U  Topics in Asian Thought 
INTL 321U  Globalization & Identity: Humanities 
INTL 322U  Globalization & Identity: Social Science 
INTL 323U  Tradition & Innovation: Humanities 
INTL 324U  Tradition & Innovation: Social Science 
INTL 331U  Women in the Middle East 
INTL 332U  Islamic Movements in the Contemporary Muslim World
INTL 341U  Environment and Development in Latin America 
INTL 342U  Globalization and Conflict in Latin America 
INTL 351U  The City in Europe 
INTL 352U  The City in Europe: Humanities  
INTL 362U / HST 362U Amazon Rainforest 
INTL 372U Sociology of Africa: Post-colonial Studies of Africa
INTL 463U Brazil
JPN 341U  Topics in Japanese Lit.: Intro to Classical and Medieval Japanese Lit. 
JPN 342U  Topics in Japanese Lit.: Intro to Early Modern and Modern Japanese Lit. 
JPN 361U  Japanese Literature Through Film 
JST 318U Jewish History from Medieval Period to Present
JST 379U History of Zionism
JST 380U The Holocaust
JST 388U History of Modern Israel
KOR 330U Korean Popular Culture
MGR 330 Modern Greek Culture
MUS 301U  Survey of Music Literature I 
MUS 302U  Survey of Music Literature II 
MUS 374U  World Music (African) 
MUS 375U  World Music II: Asia 
PER 330U  Persian Culture and Civilization 
PHL 351U Philosophy of International Human Rights
PHL 352U Philosophy of International Law
PS 352U  Western European Politics 
PS 353U Introduction to Latin American Politics
PS 355U Introduction to African Politics
PS 361U
Introduction to the Politics of the Middle East
PS 362U
The Arab-Israeli Conflict
PS 385U
Modern Ideologies
RUS 330U  Russian Culture & Civilization 
RUS 331U  Russian Literature and Film 
RUS 441U  Russian Literature in Translation: Nineteenth Century 
RUS 442U  Russian Literature in Translation: Twentieth Century 
SCI 357U  Sustain US/Mexico Border Region
TUR 330U  Topics in Turkish Culture and Literature 
TUR 331U  Women and Gender in Turkey 
TUR 341U  Turkish Literature in Translation 
TUR 361U  Turkey Through Film 
USP 317U Introduction to International Community Development
WLL 448U Major Figures in Literature: Tolstoy
WLL 448U Major Figures in Literature: Dostoevsky
WS 331U

Women in the Middle East