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Cluster: Families And Society

Note: This Course & Cluster was known as Family Studies in previous years.  While it has been renamed, the Course & Cluster as essentially the same for the 2013 - 2014 year.  

The Families and Society Cluster equips students with the skills to examine family forms in the United States, their intersections with social environments, contemporary challenges, and the effect of public policies on diverse contemporary families. This Cluster highlights theoretical models rooted in ecological systems, social justice, and social responsibility, as well as individual and micro-level family experiences. Students from all majors who participate in the Families and Society Cluster will find the courses relevant to their own and others’ family experiences, while also developing a foundation to enhance career development in a variety of fields, such as education, business, social work, public health, and other health disciplines.

Cluster Coordinator: Michael Taylor
Office: 620M ASRC 
Phone: 503-725-8589

Sophomore Inquiry: Families And Society

(UNST 228)

The Families and Society Sophomore inquiry course is an introductory class in contemporary family issues designed to provide a broad exploration of the family from diverse perspectives and disciplines. The SINQ course introduces a variety of family issues, emphasizing current social, cultural and political forces affecting modern families, predominantly in the American context. This course provides a foundation for study of human development and family experience from varied academic disciplines. thank you.

This SINQ leads to the Families And Society Cluster.

Approved Cluster Courses:

Academic Year 13-14

Note: Courses listed below are all Approved Cluster Courses for the 2013 - 2014 year.  If you are looking for listings for 2012 - 2013, they are archived here.

ANTH 300U Modern World Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 313U Indian/White Relations
ANTH 314U Native Americans
ANTH 318U Asian American Experience
CFS 312U Human Development in the Family Setting
CFS 320U ABC's of Early Education
CFS 382U Mental Disorders: Impact on Families
CFS 385U Working With Diverse Families
CFS 390U Sex and the Family
CFS 393U Community Resources and Family Support
CFS 399U Intro to Child Welfare
CFS 481U Family Health Issues
CHLA 301U Chicano/Latino Communities
CHLA 303U Chicana/Latina Experience
COMM 317U Communicating about Violence and Children
COMM 318U Family Communication
COMM / WS 337U Communication & Gender (crosslisted with WS 337U)
HST / WS 343U American Family History (crosslisted with WS 343U)
PHE 326U Drug Education
PHE 335U Human Sexuality
PHE 454U Social Gerontology
PSY 311U Human Development
SOC 339U Marriage and Intimacy
SPHR 365U Survey of Speech, Language and Hearing Disorders
SPHR 372U Speech and Language Development in Children
SW 301U Introduction to Social Work
SYSC 350U Indigenous and Systems Perspectives on Sustainability
WS 330U Women of Color in the U.S.
WS / COMM 337U Communication & Gender (crosslisted with COMM 337U)
WS / HST 343U American Family History (crosslisted with HST 343U)
WS 370U History of Sexualities