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Cluster: Environmental Sustainability

This cluster creates a bridge between the scientific approach to analyzing and solving environmental problems, the socioeconomic concerns involved in formulating and administering environmental policy, and the historic and philosophical basis of humanity's relationship to ecosystems. With the common goal of defining, characterizing and understanding environmental sustainability, the cluster identifies how each participating discipline can creatively contribute and thus, enable students to direct their own courses of study toward this end.

Cluster Coordinator: Joe Maser
Office: SRTC 218A
Phone: 725-8042

Sophomore Inquiry: Environmental Sustainability

(UNST 224)

A sustainable human society is one that satisfies its needs without jeopardizing the opportunity of future generations to satisfy theirs. This course introduces students to the study of environmental sustainability, and to the ways in which a wide variety of disciplines address environmental issues.

This SINQ leads to the Environmental Sustainability Cluster.

Approved Cluster Courses:

Academic Year 14-15

Note: Courses listed below are all Approved Cluster Courses for the 2014 - 2015 year.  


ARCH 367U Fundamentals of Environmental Design
ArH 437U Nature into Art I & II
CH 371U Environmental Chemistry
CR 305J Ecology of War and Peace
EAS 333U Problems, Solutions, and Systems Thinking
EC 332U Environmental Economics
ENG 368U Literature and Ecology
ESM 355U Understanding Environmental Sustainability
ESM 356U Understanding Environmental Sustainability II
G 352U Minerals and World Affairs
GEOG 314U Severe Weather
GEOG 340U  Global Water Issues and Sustainability
GEOG 345U  Resource Management 
GEOG 346U  World Population and Food Supply
GEOG 347U  Environmental Issues and Action
GEOG 348U  Cultural and Political Ecology
GEOG 349U  Mountains: Cultural Landscapes 
HST 339U Environment and History
PHE 351U  Film and Health
PHL 310U  Environmental Ethics
PHL 375U Food Ethics
SCI 331U  Atmospheric Interactions I 
SCI 332U  Atmospheric Interactions II 
SCI 335U  Water in the Environment I 
SCI 336U  Water in the Environment II 
SCI 338U  Investigating Forest Ecosystems
SCI 357U  Sustain US/Mexico Border Region 
SOC 341U  Population Trends and Policy 
SYSC 334U Modeling Socio-Ecological Systems
SYSC 350U Indigenous and Systems Perspectives on Sustainability
USP 313U  Urban Planning: Environmental Issues