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Cluster: American Identities

American Studies is an established interdisciplinary "field" both in the United States and in several other countries, including England and Japan. This cluster uses American materials ranging from literature, through landscapes, to art, music and court cases, to explore both the tensions and the traditions of American culture and society.

Cluster Coordinator:  David Del Mar
Cramer Hall 441
(503) 725-8543

Sophomore Inquiry: American Identities (American Studies Fall 2014)

(UNST 212)

This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of American Studies, provides a focus through which to explore sources in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and performing arts, and offers an opportunity to acquire a variety of skills important in college and the work worlds. As the interdisciplinary study of American Culture, the course focuses on a comparison of "voices" or perspectives as a way of knowing American artifacts, policies, and places. Although the focus of each class may differ, they will all use their subjects as a laboratory for learning the methods and perspectives of American Studies. In the process, students will become familiar with something of the culture, character, and environment of the United States. Each class will focus on several main "texts" or projects during class and students will do an additional project either outside class and/or in their mentor sections.

This SINQ leads to the American Identities Cluster.

Approved Cluster Courses:

Academic Year 14-15

Note: Courses listed below are all Approved Cluster Courses for the 2014-15 year.  

ANTH 313U Indian/White Relations
ANTH 314U Native Americans
ANTH 315U American Culture
ANTH 318U Asian American Experience
ANTH 355U Historical Archaeology and the Origins of the Modern Pacific Northwest
ANTH 364U Archaeology of the Pacific Northwest (Pacific Northwest Prehistory)
ANTH 365U Archaeology of North America (North American Prehistory)
ANTH 366U (Archaeology of Mesoamerica (Mesoamerican History)
BST 302U African-American 20th Century
BST 325U Race and Ethnicity in Latin America
BST 326U Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico
BST 335U The Multiracial Experience
BST 342U Black Feminism/Womanism
BST / ENG 351U African American Literature I (crosslisted with ENG 351U)
BST / ENG 352U African American Literature II (crosslisted with ENG 352U)
BST / ENG 353U African American Literature III (crosslisted with ENG 353U)
BST 412U Oregon African-American History Racism
BST 414U Racism
BST 424U African-American/African Culture in Cinema
BST 484U
African American Community Development
CHLA 301U Chicano/Latino Communities
CHLA 302U Survey of Chicano/Latino Literature
CHLA 303U Chicana/Latina Experience
Latinos, the Economy, and Politics
CR 304U Participating in Democracy
ENG 309U American Indian Literature
ENG 313U The American Short Story
ENG 331U Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition Studies 
ENG / BST 351U African American Literature I (crosslisted with BST 351U) 
ENG / BST 352U African American Literature II (crosslisted with BST 352U)
ENG / BST 353U African American Literature III (crosslisted with BST 353U)
ENG 360U American Literature to 1865 
ENG 363U  American Literature 1865-1965 
ENG 365U  American Fiction II 
ENG 367U  Topics in American Literature and Culture
ENG 369U Asian-American Literature
FILM 384U American Cinema and Culture I
FILM 385U American Cinema and Culture II
G 344U  Geology of National Parks
GEOG 351U  Pacific Northwest
GEOG 366U  Historical Geography of North America
GEOG 368U  U.S. and Canada 
HST 327U U.S. History 1890-1932
HST 328U U.S. History 1932-1960
HST 329U U.S. History 1960-Present
HST 330U Native Americans of Eastern North America
HST 331U Native Americans of Wester North America
HST 332U History of the North American Fur Trade
HST 335U Race and Ethnicity in U.S. History
HST 336U Lewis and Clark and the American West
HST 337U / USP 385U  History of American Cities (crosslisted with USP 385U) 
HST 338U  Oregon History 
HST / WS 340U  Women and Gender in America (to 1865) (crosslisted with WS 340U)
HST / WS 341U  Women and Gender in America (1865 to 1920) (crosslisted with WS 341U)
HST / WS 342U  Women and Gender in America (1920 to present) (crosslisted with WS 342U)
HST / WS 343U  American Family History (crosslisted with WS 343U) 
HST 344U Jews and Judaism in U.S. Post WWII
HST 345U Colonial America
HST 346U  The American Revolution 
HST 347U Antebellum America, 1800-1850
HST 348U Slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction, 1850 - 1877
HST 349U U.S. Indian Policy
MUS 355U Jazz History
MUS 356U Jazz and the American Culture
MUS 361U  History of Rock Music I 
MUS 362U  History of Rock Music II 
MUS 376U American Musical Traditions
PHL 331U Philosophy of Education
PHL 360U American Philosophy
PS 313U The Power Game
PS 317 Film and Politics
PS / WS 380U Women and Politics (crosslisted with WS 380U)
PSY / WS 310U Psychology of Women (crosslisted with WS 310U)
PSY 431U Psychology of Men and Masculinities
SOC 337U Minorities
SOC 350U The United States in Comparative Perspective
SOC 414U Alcohol and Other Drugs
SOC 436U Social Movements and US Politics
TA 330U Multicultural Theater
TA 362U Contemporary Dance 1920 - Present
TA 366U Dance in Film: Early Years through 1940's
TA 367U Dance in Film: 1940's to Present
TA 369U Women, Theater and Society
USP 300U Introduction to Urban Studies
USP 311U Introduction to Urban Planning
USP 385U / HST 337U History of American Cities (crosslisted with HST 337U)
WS / PSY 310U Psychology of Women (crosslisted with PSY 310U)
WS 320U Women of Color in the U.S.
WS 332U Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality
WS / HST 340U Women and Gender in America (to 1865) (crosslisted with HST 340U)
WS / HST 341U Women and Gender in America (1865 to1920) (crosslisted with HST 341U)
WS / HST 342U Women and Gender in America (1920 to present) (crosslisted with HST 342U)
WS / HST 343U American Family History (crosslisted with HST 343U)
WS / PS 380U Women and Politics (crosslisted with PS 380U)