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Asian Studies (no longer offered as of Fall 2010)

* This SINQ & cluster no longer offered as of fall 2010 *

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Cluster: Asian Studies

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding the diversity of cultures and societies in Asia and both the continuities and discontinuities between past and present. History, religion, art, anthropology, geography, literature, political science, and economics provide complementary ways of grasping the complexities of contemporary Asian worlds.

Sophomore Inquiry: Asian Studies

(UNST 216)

This course introduces students to the study of diverse cultures and societies in Asia through history, literature, anthropology, and geography. Contemporary issues related to the political, cultural, and economic transformation of Asia in the twentieth century are discussed in light of tradition and its place in Asian societies as well as the powerful forces of modernity.

Cluster Courses
Academic Year 09-10

ANTH 312U    Southeast Asian Societies and Cultures
ANTH 318U    Asian American Experience
ANTH 317U    Peoples and Cultures of South Asia
ArH 311U     History of Asian Art: Indian and Indonesian
ArH 312U      History of Asian Art: Chinese
ArH 313U       History of Asian Art: Japanese
ArH 321U       Survey of Korean Art
ArH 411U     Chinese Buddhist Art
ArH 412U    Japanese Buddhist Art
ArH 415U      Issues in Asian Art
ArH 422U     Chinese Painting
ArH 423U      Japanese Painting
ArH 425U     Modern Japanese Painting
CHN 341U      Topics in Chinese Literature and Thought
CHN 342U      Chinese Vernacular Literature (Traditional)
CHN 343U     Chinese Vernacular Literature (Modern)
EC 446U     Institutional Economics
ENG 399U      Chinese Vernacular Literature (Traditional)
GEOG 352U     The Himalaya and Tibet
GEOG 353U     Pacific Rim
GEOG 453U      Japan
HST 320U    East Asian Civilization
HST 321U     Early Modern East Asia
HST 322U      Modern East Asia
INTL 317U   Topics in Asian Thought
INTL 321U    Globalization & Identity: Humanities
INTL 322U    Globalization & Identity: Social Science
INTL 323U    Tradition & Innovation: Humanities
INTL 324U     Tradition & Innovation: Social Science
JPN 341U    Topics in Japanese Literature: Intro to Classical and Medieval Japanese Literature
JPN 342U    Topics in Japanese Literature: Intro to Early Modern and Modern Japanese Literature
JPN 361U     Japanese Literature Through Film
MUS 375U     World Music II: Asia
PS 466U     Politics of East Asia
PS 468U     International Politics of East Asia
USP 445U      Cities & Third World Development