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Naming Conventions & Logos

Naming Conventions

Clearly and concisely identify your specific unit when naming your social media page. Always add the institution's name “Portland State University" before your unit name, i.e. "Portland State University Orientation," not "Orientation at Portland State University" nor "Orientation – Portland State University," or simply "Orientation."

Make sure not to name your page in such a way that it might be confused with a general page representing the entire university or with any other PSU unit. Also, there may be instances when you face a restricted length for your title. Proceed in simply using "PSU" in your title but it is important to include "Portland State University" in the description of your page to prevent confusion with other institutions that share our initials.

Correct usages may include the following:

  • Portland State University School of Business Administration
  • Portland State University – Library
  • Portland State University Bookstore


Please incorporate your social media presence with an approved PSU logo or a photo that accurately depicts your department or group. For your university-related social media pages, please refer to the approved PSU logos below to comply with the University's Identity Standards.

Otherwise, a photo that tells the story of your department/group or even something as simple as a campus building or a departmental sign would suffice.

For Word Processing and Presentation Software

Download these logo files for use in programs like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. They're not intended for high-end print projects.

black logo | color logo

For High Quality Printing

Download these logo files for use in programs like Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign and Adobe PageMaker.

black logo | color logo (spot color)

For Web Sites and Online Use

Consult our FAQ: What official University logo should I use on a Portland State website?

Alternative Logo Versions

Contact University Communications if you need alternative logos to those presented here. These might include reversed logos (white logo on a colored background), smaller sized logos, vertically oriented logos, and logo files appropriate for special applications (ex., banners, signs, embroidery).

Using the Logo

The Portland State University logo consists of two components: the logomark and the logotype. These two components are always placed in a fixed relationship and should never be altered, modified, separated, or recreated in any way.

Use the identity at-a-glance and the comprehensive identity standards guide for instructions on using the logo. These guides include many samples and detailed specifications. If you're producing publications on your own, you'll want to keep them close at hand.