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How to Promote Your Event

University Communications recommends that you start any communication project with a plan that outlines your goals, audience, message, budget and promotional tactics. To get started, download a Communication Planning Worksheet here.

Once you've put together a communication plan, please follow these tips to promote large scale public events.

6-12 months

Develop a communication plan using the Communication Plan Worksheet available here

Notify University Communications (UComm) at about the event and date

Check with the President's Office and University Development if you are requesting the President's participation and inviting donors

Check with University Advancement on sponsor contact protocols 

Solicit media or other sponsors to help fund and/or promote event

Engage community organizations and other institutions in partnerships for cross promotion opportunities

4 months

Post event to PSU online calendar; follow process at

Post event on your department's website

Contact Student Activities and Leadership Programs to post events geared for a student audience on its OrgSync event calendar

Develop mailing lists that include first name, last name, address and email

Develop save-the-date postcard and/or an HTML email. Contact Jean Tuomi in UComm at 5-4483 or for graphic design referral to outside creative services

Submit events to local, community calendars. Contact Julie Smith for a list of these calendars.

Contact Student Activities and Leadership Programs to request use of display case on the first floor of Smith Memorial Student Union. Student groups, however, get priority over display cases. 

12 weeks 

Consider developing the following collateral materials: posters, invitations, flyers, postcards, ads, banners, social media graphics, etc. Consult with Julie Smith in UComm at 5-5-4467 or for advertising approval and for graphic design or referral to external creative service vendor

Reserve ad space in local daily publications and the Vanguard

Send calendar advisory to partners and request inclusion of event in their newsletters, calendars, etc.

Send save-the-date email and/or postcard

Contact PSU Box Office at 5-5613 to set up online ticket sales 

8 weeks 

Submit print and digital ads to University Communications for approval if not designed by UComm

Create a Facebook event page and push out save-the-date messages 

Create a Twitter event page and push out save-the-date tweets. Also, consider coming up with a Twitter hashtag to initiate and curate conversations about your event on Twitter

6 weeks 

Deliver posters and flyers to partners, sponsors, libraries, neighborhood retail outlets, etc.

Submit ads according to publication deadlines

Run Facebook ad campaign for your event. Contact Christian Aniciete in UComm for tips and best practices

4 weeks 

Email invitations and announcements 

Mail postcards and special VIP invitations

Pitch story to the Vanguard and KPSU

Take a stack of posters to Student Activities and Leadership Programs for posting on campus bulletin boards

Send posters to campus departments via campus mail with "please post" note attached. Check with Campus Mail on current number of departments

Take a stack of posters to Residence Life for posting in residence halls

Send event image to display on Campus TV screens

3-4 weeks

Begin paid advertising if budget allows (if not, advertise 1-2 weeks prior to event)

2 weeks

Submit information for inclusion in Currently to (announcements geared for faculty and staff) and Virtual Viking listserv to (announcements geared for students)

Event day ideas

Show PSU slide loop while audience is waiting for presentation to begin

Show PSU video

Show your PSU pride by wearing PSU apparel or lapel pin

Utilize tools available for check-out through University Communications. Use display materials such as PSU podium signs, pop-up exhibit display, table-top display, table drape, flag, banners, and Oregon is our classroom brochures. Contact Tracy Weber in UComm for more information.

Live tweet your event using a hashtag. Integrate photos and videos into your tweets. Contact Christian Aniciete in UComm for tips and best practices.

Take photos at your event and submit them to Tracy Weber in UComm to upload on PSU’s Flickr site