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What official University logo should I use on a Portland State website?

The Portland State logo is the official identifier for the University. All academic and administrative websites at the University are required to include this logo.

Portland State websites for individuals (e.g., your own personal website hosted at Portland State) and websites for official student groups may use the standard Portland State header and footer, but are not required to do so. If any website—individual, student group, or external—includes a graphic reference to the University, it must be in the form of the Portland State logo, following University identity standards.

Following are examples of the Portland State logo in standard and minimum sizes, colored PSU green and black on white. Right click on either logo to download it to your local computer. Do not use these web-ready logos for purposes other than websites; instead, find logos for other uses.

Standard Portland State Logo

Portland State University Logo

Minimum Size Portland State Logo

Portland State University Logo

Using the Knockout Web Logos 

The new look implemented by our migration to Drupal 7 uses two alternate versions of the logo that work well on colored backgrounds. One version is all white on a transparent background at 234 pixels wide, by 48 pixels tall:

PSU Logo

To use this logo, use the following markup:

<img title="Portland State University" src="" width="234" height="48" alt="Portland State Universtiy logo" />

The other uses the PSU-green logo mark with white lettering on a transparent background at 174 pixels wide, by 36 pixels tall:

Portland State University logo

To use this logo, use the following markup:

<img title="Portland State University" src="" alt="Portland State University logo" width="174" height="36" />

If it makes sense in your application, consider wrapping the image in a link to the PSU Homepage, as the following section describes.


When it is appropriate for the Portland State logo to be used alone rather than in the standard Portland State header, the logo should be linked to the Portland State home page as in this example:

<a href="" title="Portland State University"><img src="" alt="Portland State University logo" width="256" height="84" border="0"></a>


  • Any and all uses of the Portland State logo must follow all the University identity standards. The logos supplied here meet identity standards for size, color and minimum clear space and should not be modified in any way.
  • It is not technically possible to make a web-ready logo with a transparent background that can be displayed effectively over any color or image. Consult University identity standards for acceptable color usages.
  • When embedding the logo in a web page or other digital content, be sure to include alt text for screen readers. Suggested alt text:
    "The Portland State University logo includes intertwined letters P, & S and U that represent the interconnectedness of the university to the city, region and world, and the words 'Portland State University'."
    At minimum, the alt text should read:
    "Portland State University logo"
  • The Portland State seal is reserved for use on official documents such as diplomas and may not be used online.


If you have questions or need a Portland State logo in a different size or color, please contact us.