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How do I embed a Vimeo video into a Drupal page?

Embedding a Vimeo video in a web page consists of two basic steps:

  1. Locate the video on Vimeo and copy its URL.
  2. Upload the video to Drupal and embed it in a page.

Locate the video and copy its URL

Head to and find the video you want to embed. PSU's official Vimeo channel is at, but you can use a video from another channel as long as you have rights to the material.

Right click on the video and choose the Copy video URL option from the contextual menu that appears.

Upload and embed the video

If you haven't already logged in to your Drupal site, do so now. Locate the page you want to embed the video into and click the Edit tab.

Place the cursor in the page body where you want the video to appear and click the Add media button.

When the overlay screen appears, click the Web tab and paste the URL you copied from Vimeo into the URL or Embed Code field.

Click the Submit button. A virtual copy of the video uploads to your site's file library and the video is embedded in the page where the cursor was.

Save the page.