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How do I change the social media links in the footer of my Drupal site?

In the green footer bar of all Drupal sites, you find a Social Follows block:

PSU Drupal | Social Follows Block


This block is configurable to show a variety of sources, and allows you to specify the destination URL of each service for your site. You do not need to upload images for the various services as they are pre-defined by the theming system.

To configure them, first be sure you are logged in, then from the admin toolbar [1] click on Dashboard, then under the site configuration block, [2] click on Manage Follow Links:

Portland State D7 Training Site T2 | Dashboard | Manage Follow Links


You are then presented with the Site follow links admin screen:

Portland State University | Site follow links


When your site was deployed, the default services are in the active (upper) section. The URLs associated with the services are PSU's central social media outlets.  To change the destination URLs of any of the four default services, simply overwrite the associated URL field with the URL to your unit's social media site for that service. The Customized Name field defines part of text that will appear in the mouse-over tooltip. 

For example if you entered "Our Facebook Page" in the Custom Name field, the mouse-over tooltip would read...

Follow {site short name} on Our Facebook Page

In the tooltip, {site short name} is the same string as your "Contact" link in the site header. 

If you want to not use one or more of the default services, simply delete the URL from the filed and click the submit button. The service will move from the active section to the lower, inactive section. You can use up to seven services in the footer; adding an eigth will drop one out automatically. Finally, use the drag-n-drop handles to order the appearance of each icon.

One final note: after you make changes to this setup, it will take about an hour for non-logged-in users to see the chagnes due to the caching mechanisms in use on the system.

If you have questions, feel free to drop a line to