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Flyer Template

Using the templates below and Microsoft Word, you can create one- and two-column flyers for four-color or black and white printing.

color one-column two-column
black + white b-w 1-column template | b-w 1-column sample b-w 2-column template | b-w 2-column sample
four-color 4-color 1-column template | 4-color 1-column sample 4-color 2-column template | 4-color 2-column sample

3-Panel Brochure Template

Promote your programs using this Microsoft Word template for tri-fold brochures. Be sure to read the instructions before using!

3-panel brochure template

Presentation Template

Give presentations that use Portland State University imagery with this Microsoft PowerPoint template. Simply edit the existing slides to read as needed. As you add new slides from the Insert > Slides menu, the same basic design carries through.

PowerPoint template