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Comment Policy

Portland State University supports forums for the free and open exchange of ideas and encourages the use of available comment fields when materials are posted by PSU on social media webpages such as YouTube, Twitter etc.

PSU does not prescreen comments. Comments are submitted by individual website members, including PSU students, faculty and staff, and do not in any way reflect the opinions or policies of PSU.

The host website requires all users to comply with its terms of use and other policies governing use of the website. Comments that violate the host website's policies may be removed by the host website or by PSU.  In addition, PSU reserves the right to remove any material that is pornographic, obscene, defamatory, derogatory, inflammatory or otherwise inappropriate.

Response Flowchart

When in doubt about responding to a post, it is also part of our social media best practices to follow a response flowchart. This chart includes the following steps: Assessment, Evaluate, and Respond.