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Elisa Bellah, Math (2013 - )  Hey guys, I tutor math 70-254, 256 and 261 and am currently a third year mathematics major here at PSU. I originally began tutoring math in high school where I quickly found that simply knowing the material was not enough. What I found instead is that each student required a unique approach to the subject. So here at the Learning Center my goal is to provide the techniques I've gained in my studies to adapt mathematical concepts to your learning style and way of thinking. More so, I hope that as you gain confidence with the material you can begin to build a deeper appreciation of a subject that I really enjoy studying. I look forward to seeing you here at the LC!


Cecilia Jacobo, Math (2011-)
Hey folks! I tutor math- particularly math 70 through math 252. I am in my 4th year in my educational career and plan to graduate within the next four terms. I am planning to graduate with a B.S. in Science with an emphasis in mathematics. Back in high school, a math teacher of mine said, "It is not the destination that matters but the journey." This is the motto I have taken for myself and the reason I became a math tutor. I want to succeed in my educational and professional goals. But why only help myself when I can help fellow peers do the same?



Chang-yu Hong, Korean (2012-)  I am an Urban Studies major at PSU.  My military service in Korean Army gave me a great influence to choosing my major. I am from CheongJu, Korea.  I am proud of being a person from Cheongju because my hometown gave me beautiful memories and fun time in my life.  When I'm not hitting the books or tutoring, I go to gym to work out and spend the time with my baby. I'm not picky when it comes to food; I like most kinds of foods, but I do not like drinking coffee or alcohol.  I am a big fan of PSU and Portland. I have learned about a green and sustainable lifestyle.  I would like to share my personal philosophy: "When you have a chance to start something, try it and do your best."  I want to do my best in assisting our colleagues and students in PSU.


Claudia Reinozo Cross, Spanish, Beginning Spanish Conversation (2012-)
I am interested in the science of speech and the acquisition of language, this is why I am pursuing a major in Applied Linguistics and a TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) certificate. My interest in the study of methods of language teaching has brought me to tutor at the LC, allowing me to gain a greater perspective in the subject.



James Stanek, Biology, Chemistry (2012-)
I am a biology major, but so far organic chemistry is my favorite subject. I enjoy all the sciences and love learning new things. I am taking Russian and I am not much of a language person, but I have found that I enjoy trying to learn a second language. I just came back to school after a short break where I joined the Army Reserve as a medic. I have two years left on my bachelor's of biology and only one year before I apply to medical school. I hope to attend OHSU. I became a tutor because I found I could relate seemingly difficult ideas into much more understandable situations and analogies. I would also always leave tutoring feeling very good about helping someone continue their learning. I am tutoring to show people who feel discouraged that with the effort they can learn anything and enjoy it.

Karlos Castillo, Spanish (2012-) Hola a todos! I am bicultural; my father is Mexican and my mother is Afro-Honduran. I was born in Oregon but have lived abroad in Mexico and Spain. I graduated from Willamette University in Salem in 2011 with a B.A. with majors in International Politics (US/Latin-American Relations) and Spanish Literature, and a music minor (Cello & Piano). I've been tutoring spanish for the past three years, two years as the head language tutor at Chemeketa Community College and one year as a private tutor. I'm happy to continue working as a spanish tutor here at the LC and look forward to meeting new Spanish students and sharing in their academic successes!


Lana Maani, Statistics, Economics, and Business Accounting (2014 - )  Hi all! I moved to Portland two years ago from Jordan. I currently major in Finance and am a junior at PSU. I tutor Business prerequisites, particularly, Accounting 211&213, Statistics 243&244 and Economics 201&202. I have really enjoyed these past three years at PSU especially because of my chosen major. I am really excited to pass on the knowledge I have acquired, and am looking forward to meeting you as well as answering any questions you may have!

Pingting Li, (2013- ) Hello! My name is Pingting Li and I am a Chinese transfer student working to complete an international "2+2 College Program" at PSU. My majors are Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and Arts & Letters. I am interested in Chinese culture and I really want to know the difference between Chinese culture and other foreign cultures. I think studying in a different country would be an important part of my life. Being a good teacher is my dream and the goal that I am working hard to achieve. For this reason, I observe all Chinese courses at PSU. I am trying to do my best to improve my Chinese teaching skills. 有朋自远方来, 不亦说乎?(Isn’t it delightful to have friends coming from afar to study together?) I am looking forward to meeting you at the Learning Center.

 Sam Sanford, Math & Physics (2013 - )  I am a Math/Physics tutor and my major is Mechanical Engineering. I transferred from the US Merchant Marine Academy in 2012 and I'm a sophomore/junior. When I'm not working or studying, I like to weight lift, run with the PSU running club, and build stuff with the PSU Concrete Canoe Team. I enjoy helping people with math related subjects because it's like a universal language. And one that you can apply to the physical world! I use my experience with applied mathematics to help people make abstract concepts into concrete concepts.


Sara Franks, German (2011-)
Hello, I am the German tutor here at PSU. I moved to the US seven years ago from Germany/Wurzburg. I have tutored german at Clark College before and after I transferred to PSU. I decided right away to tutor here as well. I just enjoy helping others to succeed and bring joy to the language. My job here is great because I get to speak and help other students with German. I am looking forward to meeting you!



Stephen Cassista,  (2013 - ) Hello! My name is Stephen Cassista and I am a physics major at Portland State, set to graduate with a B.S. in 2014. I have had a strong desire to learn physics since high school and it has only grown since beginning my studies at Portland State. Before coming to the LC, I tutored math and physics at the Clackamas Community College Writing and Tutorial Center for over a year and gained a strong tutoring skill set from the diverse group I tutored. On the other side of the spectrum, I have had a long performance history with theater that began in high school and continues to grow as I continue to be involved with productions. Acting has been an outlet for me outside of “left-brained” activities and I don’t plan on ever retiring from it. I look forward to meeting you at the LC!



Sciences Student Coordinator:
Chrys Buckley, Biology, Chemistry (2011-)

Math, Statistics, Economics & Accounting Student Coordinator:
Dan Ulshafer, Math, Chemistry (2012-)
I am a math major, and self-described math nerd. I was a chemistry major until last spring when I decided that being a math major would be more useful to becoming a math teacher. I plan on getting my teaching degree after PSU, and teaching high school math and science. I started helping people with their math some time in high school, but my mother said she knew I was going to be a teacher when I was four years old. I've been tutoring for two and one-half years now, and loving every minute of it. Helping someone reach that "ah ha!" moment is the best feeling ever, and is the reason I tutor here in the LC.

World Languages Student Coordinator:
Marie Arrieta, Spanish, Inter/Adv Spanish Conversation (2011-)




Aaron Levy, (2013 -) 

Eric Isiordia (2012 - )


Jasmine Keith, (2012 - )  I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business. I chose these fields of study because I would like to open my own counseling practice in the future. I am from Humboldt County in California. It is a beautiful place and really similar to Portland, although it’s much smaller.  I enjoy exploring Portland in my free time so that I can become acquainted with this wonderful city. As I get further into my college career, I am becoming more of a coffeeaholic. I enjoy trying new foods and luckily Portland has a lot to choose from. I enjoy meeting you all with a smiling face at the front desk.

 Jaymee MaClise, (2013 - )



Deborah Bogle-Tao, Academic Coach, (2013 - )  I am a graduate student in Educational Leadership and Policy: Postsecondary Adult and Continuing Education and I anticipate graduating in Spring 2014.  My research focus is the college experience of students with Autism.  I have worked for two years as an In Class Aide for Disability Services at PCC.  I received my BFA in Art History from the University of Illinois-Urbana and completed two years of graduate studies in Art History at Northern Illinois University.  As a first generation high school and college graduate, I value education and I enjoy working with the college population.  I am impressed with PSU’s commitment to sustainability and the passionate instructors.  I hope students will utilize the many resources available to them at PSU and enjoy their college experience.

Jessica Cunningham (2013 - )During my time as an undergraduate at Portland State University, I studied Community Health Education. I loved the program here and enjoyed learning about different health issues in American society and the world. As an undergraduate, I used tutoring services to help with my Statistics 243 class and I honestly don't think I would have succeeded if I wouldn't have utilized the Learning Center! Tutoring is a great, free resource offered to students on campus that can really assist you in challenging classes. Looking back on my undergraduate career, I wish I would have utilized it more. As a graduate student, I will be pursing a Masters in Post-Secondary Adult and Continuing Education. This program will help me learn issues in student affairs. It is my dream to work with first generation students to help make the transition to college a successful one. I am a first generation student myself and hope that my experiences will inspire and help other students learn.  Best wishes in your academic endeavors! 


Lisa Lam (2013 - )  Lisa is currently working toward a Masters in Education Leadership and Policy with a specialization in Post-secondary Adult and Continuing Education.  Last year, she left a career in the law to pursue her passion for working with students.  She looks forward to providing students with the skills and resources to help them reach their goals.  In her spare time, Lisa enjoys spending time with family and friends, baking, reading, and exploring the outdoors.

Paige Davies (2013 - )  I am a graduate student earning my Masters in Education Leadership & Policy, specializing in Post-secondary Adult and Continuing Education. I discovered my passion for higher education and student affairs/student services while serving as an AmeriCorps member at my undergraduate institution, the University of Idaho. I am looking forward to working with students to help them move forward with their academic goals at Portland State. My interests include all forms of social justice and inclusion, queer activism, pit bull advocacy, reading, hiking and spending time with my loved ones.


Summer Baber (2012 - ) Summer is pursuing a Master of Science in Educational Leadership: Postsecondary, Adult, and Continuing Education at Portland State University. Her interests include motivation, leadership, social neuroscience, and assessment. She is passionate about helping students find creative solutions to achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals.  She received a Bachelor of Science in Health Education from Portland State University.  For many years she had a rewarding career in health and fitness program management;training & development; and personal fitness training. After her lovely children were born she took an opportunity to get deeply involved in volunteer work as a community educator and advocate. Eventually, a relentless curiosity about human development and learning led her back to school. In her spare time she enjoys reading, running, and learning with her children. Her family and students inspire her to both dream big and find joy in the simple things in life. 




Billie Puyear, M.A.,  College Success instructor, ASL tutor, (2013- ) Billie is currently working toward her Masters in Social Work after spending the last 10 years as an American Sign Language Interpreter. She personally believes that no one succeeds alone. She attributes much of her success to those who have passed on their knowledge to her and tutoring provides a wonderful opportunity for her to do the same. A Pacific Northwest native, she has traveled through out the world with the desire to learn about other cultures and beliefs to better understand and connect with her community. She loves how connected Portland State is to the surrounding community and the many opportunities students have to develop those connections. Her biggest advice to new students would be to really explore all the services your campus has to offer. Dig in, make connections and know that you can do anything you believe you can.  



Lisa Hatfield, M.A., M.A.T., Director, (2004-)
Prior to her tenure at PSU, Lisa taught at the high-school, community college, and university levels. Lisa has an MA in English Literature and an MAT in secondary education: language arts. Her interests include assessment, pedagogy,curriculum alignment between educational systems, and keeping up with her five-year old daughter. She loves to run (she once competed in the Iron Man!), travel, and wear comfortable shoes.


 Liane Kehaulani O'Banion, M.S., Assistant Director, (2010-)
Liane began working at PSU in 1999 in the Undergraduate Advising & Support Center after a short career at the University of Oregon, her alma mater. After nearly 11 years at the UASC, she was appointed Assistant Director of the newly created Learning Center in December 2010. In addition to Liane's responsibilities in the Center, she also provides leadership campus-wide, including serving on the SALP Advisory Board, the Leadership Steering Committee, Veteran's Task Force, chairing the Scholastic Standards Committee and being elected to the PSU Faculty Senate.

When she is not at the office, Liane is a busy Mom to her two young sons, Connor and Beckett who are active in football, basketball, soccer, baseball and Tae Kwon Do. You'll see Liane at as many football and basketball games as possible as she is a die-hard sports fan. Go Viks (and Ducks, too)!

Mike Millard, Office Manager (2012-)
Mike began working at PSU in May, 2011 with the University Studies Office providing faculty, staff and student support with the general education requirements. Prior to that Mike worked for seven years at the University of Arizona as an administrative assistant for the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center, and front office manager for the Graduate College Office of Admissions. He currently holds an AA in Liberal Studies, and BA in Communications. Mike moved to Portland with his partner, Erik, and two Jack Russell Terriers, Bisbee and Togo in December, 2010. He enjoys running, gardening, antiquing, and Brazillian music. 

*( ) indicates start of tenure at the Learning Center

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