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Study Groups

The Learning Center is working on study groups for the spring term.  Check back later for more subjects, dates, and times!

The next study group / exam prep:

Check back with us later.  We're preparing to help you with your finals.


Weekly Exam Prep

American Chemistry Society (ACS) Exam Prep

The ACS is a nationwide standardized test that CH 336 students take at the end of Spring term. It counts as the final for 336 and covers the entire year of organic chemistry (CH 334-336).

The Learning Center will hold a weekly prep session to help you start reviewing principles, reactions, nomenclature and terms from the O Chem sequence. This weekly study group will help you prepare for the ACS over the course of the term, stay fresh on concepts from previous terms, and will work through the prep book Preparing For Your ACS Exam in Organic Chemistry. Each prep session will focus on a chapter or two so as to cover all the material before your ACS exam.

Each Friday
Starting April 12th - June 7th

Noon - 2pm
Millar Library 220J



There are many benefits to group study.  Among them are:

  • It alters old ways of thinking and it changes less effective patterns of behavior to help you learn a deeper level.
  • You are less likely to procrastinate in a group environment.
  • You develop better communication skills of talking in groups.
  • You may gain new perspectives listening to others present the material.
  • It helps us to organize material and be better prepared.
  • You learn from many perspectives which may improve your chances of anticipating test questions. 

(Adapted from:  "Would group study improve your grade?", Grace Fleming, and "How to Form a Study Group", Latino Scholars Network)