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Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate Starts Anew
Author: Tom Webb, Editor, School of Extended Studies
Posted: March 19, 2012

March 5th marked the beginning of the spring season of digital marketing courses at the Professional Development Center. Instructor Dennis Hahn led off the series with his Introduction to Digital Strategies course and encouraged students to “put strategies together first, and then figure out the best digital approaches. Sometimes we just jump straight to tactics.”

Students in the course include website designers, freelance writers, an outdoor educator, an online community manager and a self-employed business consultant—proving that digital marketing education is important to a diverse group of leaders in today’s workplace.

Digital Marketing Certificate courses will run throughout the spring and repeat again in the fall. Students can take courses in any order and as standalone offerings, though Best Practices, Integrating Digital Media is required as the final course in the certificate series. Learn more

The new season of certificate of courses also marks the final class for longtime instructor Dennis Hahn. After eight impressive years with the program, Hahn’s full-time focus is now on his position as vice president of strategy at Liquid, one of Portland’s leading brand-strategy agencies. Lisa Peyton, the editor and marketing strategist at Thoroughly Modern Marketing, was on hand with Hahn to start the series, will lead the class practicum, and will take over as the lead instructor for Introduction to Digital Strategies.

Thank you Dennis—for eight fabulous years of dynamic instruction and program leadership! And while the program will miss you, we welcome Lisa to the program and know that Dennis leaves behind a legacy of teaching and inspiring hundreds upon hundreds of today’s leaders in digital marketing. Well done!