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College Success Courses

PSU offers a variety of courses that support student success.

Coordinated by the Learning Center and offered through University Studies (UNST), students from freshmen to post-bac are encouraged to enroll in College Success for lower or upper-division credit.  First-term freshmen are eligible to participate in PSU's Roads to Success Program, an early-start bridge program that begins in September prior to the beginning of fall term. Regular tuition and fees apply to College Success and Roads to Success courses.

College Success Course Description: 

Created in 2002, and now offered through the Learning Center, College Success (UNST 194/394) builds on the best wisdom from innovators in psychology, education, business, sports, and personal effectiveness using the On Course Success Principles which represent eight of the essential "things" that good learners believe and do.

Founded on these timeless principles, the College Success course gives students a collection of practical success tools to empower students by giving them the outer behaviors and inner qualities to create greater success in college and in life. The course is woven around the belief that the most effective learners are empowered learners, those characterized by self-responsibility, self-motivation, self-management, interdependence, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and high self-esteem.

Students will also participate in guided journal writings, learn essential success strategies, discover critical resources and actively engage with the PSU community.

Please see the link titled "Course Information" on the left for specific course options and CRN information, including instructor contact information.  Faculty bios are available under the link titled, "Faculty" on the top left-hand side.  Read about your faculty and choose the one that best fits your needs and interests.  There is a class for every student at PSU.  Don't get left behind- classes fill up fast! 

For information regarding all of these exciting opportunities, please click on the links to the left for more information.

What students are saying about College Success:

"You are in luck with this class, every assignment is designed to help you succeed at PSU!" - Jenn, Junior
"This class leads you down the path of self-knowledge." - Bre, Senior
"You are so lucky if you take this class! I had a good experience. I learned about how to organize my school work, as well as knowing more about myself." - Nasser, Freshman
"This class not only builds your skills as an individual who can get things done on time, but it also builds your trust and interdependency on others. You are not Batman; sometimes you just can't do things alone." - Ronald, Freshman
"I would recommend this class to anyone that is willing to put effort in and that can be responsible for their own assignments. I hope you will enjoy this class as much as I did." - Aubrey, Freshman
"ROCK ON COLLEGE SUCCESS!!" - Tommy, Freshman

Did you take College Success and have such a great experience that now you would like to be involved helping others AND receive internship credit for doing so? Then become a College Success Teaching Assistant or Peer Mentor! Protocol for Teaching Assistants.pdf

Contact Liane O'Banion for more information.
Contact for all the Student Success Courses:
Liane O'Banion, Coordinator & Assistant Director
2nd floor, Millar Library