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For Students

Islamic Movements Student Conference:

Wednesday March 11, 2015 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM 
Fourth Avenue Building - Room 10 (Portland State University)
Open to the public - please see event page




Conference co-sponsored by the Ashburn Institute, Middle East Studies Center, and Center for Turkish Studies will examine contemporary challenges to security, political order, and peace.


Contemporary Turkish Studies Certificate Program

The certificate may be earned simultaneously with a BA or BS degree, or post-baccalaureate. Requirements for the Certificate in Contemporary Turkish Studies include:

A. Two years of college-level Turkish (TUR 100, 200 and/or 300 series) or equivalent proficiency (24 credits).

B. Adviser-approved area courses. (No specific courses are required; a student may choose from a large number of courses that may be of particular advantage and interest to the student - 28 credits).

Advisor Approved Area Courses:

28 credits selected from the following list of adviser-approved upper-division courses from two areas of concentration may be used to fulfill the requirements for the certificate. Students may choose to focus in one or the other area: Special courses (399, 410), seminars (407), and other area-related classes, as well as individualized reading and conference courses arranged with instructors may be substituted for specific area courses listed below. All such courses must be pre-approved by your adviser. Please direct all questions to the International Studies Program Advisor at or (503)725-3455 or (503)725-3257

History and Political Economy:

CR 410 Neighbors and Enemies: Cyprus, Greece, Turkey (4) - Harry Anastasiou

Study Abroad: Cyprus in Transition: Conflict Transformation in Ethically Divided Cyprus (summer term), (4) - Harry Anastasiou and Birol Yesilada

HST 485 The Ottoman World (4) - Jim Grehan

HST 486 Modern Turkey (4) - Jim Grehan or Laura Robson

HST 385 Modern Middle East I (4) - Jim Grehan or Laura Robson

HST 386 Modern Middle East II (4) - Jim Grehan or Laura Robson

HST495 Islam and Modernity (4) - Jim Grehan

INTL 247 Middle East Studies (4) - Tugrul Keskin or Jim Grehan

INTL 332U Islamic Movements in the Contemporary Muslim World (4) - Tugrul Keskin

INTL 407 Sem: Globalization and Islam (4) - Tugrul Keskin

INTL 410 Islamic Movements (4) - Tugrul Keskin

PS/INTL 460 Political Development in Modern Turkey (4) - Birol Yesilada

PS/INTL 452 European Union (4) - Birol Yesilada

PS 454 International Political Economy (4) - Birol Yesilada

SOC 483U Sociology of the Middle East (4) - Tugrul Keskin

Language and Culture:

ARH 457 Byzantine Art (4) - Anne McClanan

FL/Intl 331U Women in the Middle East (4) – Pelin Basci

HST 399 SPST: Women & Gender in Middle East (4) - Laura Robson

TUR 330U Topics in Turkish Culture: Popular Culture - Pelin Basci

TUR 331U Women and Gender in Turkey (4) - Pelin Basci

TUR 341U Turkish Literature in Translation (4)

TUR 361U Turkey through Film (4) - Pelin Basci


TUR 399 SPST: Turkish Topics (Credit TBA) - Pelin Basci

TUR 401 Research (4) - Pelin Basci

TUR 404 Cooperative Education/Internship (4) - Pelin Basci

TUR 410 Selected Topics (Credit TBA) - Pelin Basci

TUR 416 Readings in Turkish (2) - Pelin Basci