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Housing Resident Permits

Student Residents of University Housing and University Pointe may only purchase resident parking permits. Student Housing Resident permits can be purchased each academic term or yearly permits can be purchased each fall term. Please note that these permits often sell out, so we recommend purchasing online in advance. Click here to buy your permit online.


You can purchase your spring term parking permit online March 5th. In-person parking permit sales begin March 9th. Follow this link to log into your parking account and purchase your permit.   

Resident Permits 2015

Permit Name Term Rate Parking Location STATUS
$353 Valid in Ondine Garage & Lot (lower garage entrance on SW 5th Ave; upper lot off College St)

Available 3/5/15

Structure 3
$321 Valid in Parking Structure 3 Only; Levels 3 & Up
Near Epler, St Helens, Blumel, and King Albert

Available 3/5/15

University Place
$353 Valid in University Place Lot
~4 Blocks from Broadway, U Pointe, and Ondine

Available 3/5/15

4th Ave Garage
$376 Valid in 4th Ave Garage.
Near Broadway, U Pointe, and Ondine

Available 3/5/15

Blumel Hall
$353 Valid in Blumel Hall Lower Garage 

Available 3/5/15

Motorcycle/Scooter $88 Valid in designated motorcycle spaces campus wide
Available 3/5/15

  Card Access Garage: Your white PSU ID badge will allow access into this facility. No ID badge?

Other parking locations, including Parking Structures 1 and 2, are reserved for commuting students and employees. Resident permits are not valid in these locations or any area designated as hourly or reserved parking. Housing residents are subject to permit availability and are not guaranteed a parking permit.


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Permit Refunds

Parking permit charges are based on possession of the permit, rather than use of the permit. There is a $5 return fee for all returned permits. Refunds are issued at a pro-rated amount based on the date the permit is returned. Refunds will be credited to the student's university account or to the credit card used at the time of purchase.

Fall 2014 Permit sales begin 8/25/2014
Last day for 100% refund 9/2/2014
Partial refund based on daily pro-rate schedule 9/3/2014-11/21/2014
Last day for partial refund 9/21/2014
Winter 2015 Permit sales begin 11/26/2014
Last day for 100% refund 1/8/2015
Partial refund based on daily pro-rate schedule 1/9/2015-2/27/2015
Last day for partial refund 2/27/2015
Spring 2015 Permit sales begin 3/5/2015
Last day for 100% refund 4/2/2015
Partial refund based on daily pro-rate schedule 4/3/2015-5/22/2015
Last day for partial refund 5/22/2015

Account Privacy

All account information including name, contact, license plate, permit history, citation history, and account balances are kept private by PSU. This information is only used for business purposes and is not disclosed to individuals other than the account holder. Valid account number, license plate, or citation number must be provided in order to obtain any of the information listed above, or information deemed private to the account by PSU staff.

 Please note: Each driver uses PSU's parking facilities at their own risk and responsibility.