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Outdoor Bike Parking

We've Got Bike Racks at EVERY Building

There are thousands of bike racks throughout campus. However, please be aware that some locations near our busiest buildings tend to fill up (e.g. Smith Memorial Student Union, Cramer Hall, Neuberger Hall, College of Urban & Public Affairs). An available space can often be found nearby, so please be diligent.

DO NOT lock your bike to trees, signs, handrails, or other non-bike rack furnishings. Bicycles found to be improperly parked will be locked (incapacitated) or removed and impounded as a result. Click here to learn more about bike parking policy at PSU.

Always lock your bike carefully and securely! As with all college campuses, bike theft is a persistent problem. You can dramatically increase the security of your bike by following these simple steps:

  • Always use a U-lock or heavy-gauge chain (cable locks are not enough!)
  • Make sure to lock your bike through a portion of its frame
  • Secure quick-release wheels and saddles with your lock or an added cable
  • Remove all detachable accessories including lights, bags, etc.