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About Us

Transportation and Parking Services provides, communicates, and manages transportation options in an equitable, service-oriented manner to contribute to the health of the PSU community. Because of the limited parking resources at PSU, the strict and uniform enforcement of parking regulations is a key component in providing this service.

Other goals of our service:

  • Maximize the capacity of each parking space on campus
  • Create and maintain a sustainable financial structure capable of expanding to accommodate the changing needs of PSU
  • Maintain a work environment where TAPS employees' morale and retention is high
  • Have transparent, easy-to-navigate policies which are communicated in a friendly and professional manner by well-trained, knowledgeable staff
  • Actively promote and incentivize transit, bicycling, walking, and carpooling to reduce the percent of trips to PSU by single occupancy vehicles, and help meet PSU sustainability goals
  • Include alternative transportation options in every interaction with the campus population in order to continue to normalize these modes

Learn More:

Letter from the Director
Financial Information
Staff Directory


Current Projects:

Structure 1 Structural Upgrades (PDF)
Facility-wide LED Lighting Upgrades
Parking Wayfinding Investments
Facility-wide Parking Occupancy Sensors
Central Campus Bicycle Garage