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Preparing to Transfer


What Should I Take Before I Transfer to PSU?

If you plan to transfer to PSU to earn your bachelor's degree, you should take courses that satisfy both the admission requirements and PSU graduation requirements which include:

Admission Requirements:

In addition to meeting the 2.25 GPA requirement (2.00 for students with a transferable Associate's Degree or Oregon Transfer Module) for admission, you must have the following courses:

  • WR 121 or an equivalent course (e.g., English composition, college writing) with a grade of C- or better
  • two quarters or two semesters of the same second language with a grade of C- or better (if 2 years of second language were not completed at the high school level -- see Second Language Admission Requirement)
    *Students may be admitted without the second language requirement, but it must be satisfied prior to graduation from PSU.

Graduation Requirements:

To earn a bachelor's degree from PSU, you must complete at least 180 quarter credits with a minimum of 72 upper-division credits (300 and 400-level). Transfer credits apply toward your total credits needed to graduate and may also apply to the other graduation requirements:

Most lower division major requirements and courses that meet PSU's Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science(BS) degree requirements can be taken at another college and transferred to PSU.  Some Portland area community colleges have transfer guides already created for certain majors; ask your community college advising office if those are available. If not, or if you are transferring from outside the metro area, visit your intended major's website for a list of their requirements.

Completing an Associate's Degree at a Community College?

While PSU does not require an associate's degree in order to be admitted, it does provide a broad foundation and is an excellent preparation for the academic rigor of university coursework. You can apply the courses you take to meet PSU requirements towards an associate's degree at your community college. Students in Oregon may complete the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) which will satisfy lower division general education requirements and grant junior standing at PSU. Another option in Oregon is the Oregon Transfer Module (OTM), a one-year curriculum that can be taken to satisfy PSU's first-year general education courses.