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Advising at Community Colleges

Portland State visits local community colleges in several ways each term. We attend college fairs, have on-site academic advising and offer transfer workshops as well.

College Fairs:
College fairs provide the opportunity for you to ask a PSU representative questions about admissions, programs and services available to students at Portland State. 

Advising Appointments: Advising appointments are an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Portland State academic adviser to get a better understanding of academic requirements, how your credits will transfer to meet those requirements, and what else you can take before transferrring. Depending upon adviser availability, advising appointments with departmental advisers may be available. These appointments would include general advising as well as specific information on majors in those departments.

Transfer Workshops: Transfer workshops are a new and exciting opportunity Portland State offers at our local community colleges. These workshops provide information on admissions, financial aid, academic advising, housing, residency, studentservices, and more. We also bring current transfer students to share their experiences. After the information session there is an opportunity for you to ask more questions of representatives from each of these areas.

Information Tables: Information tables are offered at various campuses to provide students with access to pamphlets and brochures with information about Portland State, as well as an opportunity to ask questions of a respresentative from Transfer Student Services. Please note that these are not workshops or academic advising appointments.

We are also willing to put together events for various programs on our Oregon and Southwestern Washington community college campuses - contact us if you'd like a visit for your group!

Excited? Want to see us on your campus? Check our calendar and be sure to add our events to your personal Google calendar for reminders!