Undergraduate Admission A+D

Admission to the School of Art and Design is based on general admission to Portland State University. See the PSU Bulletin for more information.


When a student is accepted to Portland State University and selects a major within the School of Art and Design, the student is formally admitted to the university and is pre-admitted to the department. Pre-admission ends in the student's junior year.

When a student reaches the junior year based on the University's definition of class standing (90-134 credits), the student is formally and automatically admitted into the School of Art and Design and College of the Arts.

Formal admission allows the student to continue on his or her degree path unhindered. Once admitted, the student will be authorized to take otherwise college-restricted upper-division courses.

After being admitted to the School, graphic design majors must also pass a sophomore portfolio review to be eligible to take 300-  and 400-level graphic design courses. Students hoping to be accepted to the BFA in Art Practices program must submit a formal application near the end of their third year and be formally accepted into that degree program.

Changing majors or opting out

Once formally admitted into the College of the Arts a student may decide he or she would rather not continue working toward a degree in the School of Art and Design. In this case, the student will need to formally change the major through the Office of Admissions. In addition, the student must notify the School of Art and Design by e-mail of this status change (art@pdx.edu). Once the major change has been verified, admission to the College of the Arts will be cancelled and the student will no longer be able to register for college-restricted courses.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Studio Art Practice, Graphic Design, Art History and Art Education (BA, BS)

The art department does not require a seperate application process for undergraduate BA/BS admission.

General University Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

The School of Art and Design will be accepting applications for the BFA program beginning spring term 2013.