Summer Study Abroad Programs

Art History Seminar in Rome (ArH 410)


This eight-credit seminar serves as an intensive introduction to Rome’s artistic and cultural heritage,
with an emphasis on the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Through daily excursions to artistically and
culturally significant sites in and around the city of Rome in conjunction with lectures, readings, student presentations, and guided exploration, students will gain a grasp of fundamental concepts, methods,
and issues in the history of art and, at the same time, a comprehension of the history, topography, and
culture of Rome and its environs. For more information, visit:



Summer Printmaking in Mexico

8 Credits
399/499 Printmaking & Mixed Media
Travel Dates: June 18-July 5, 2015
Faculty: Mandee Schroer, Adjunct Professor of Art

Mexico offers a history of art making that is one of the most significant among western cultures. Immerse
yourself for two intensive weeks in Guanajuato, Mexico, a UN World Heritage city rich with Pre-Columbian,
Colonial and Revolutionary history.

This course will focus on drawing, painting, printmaking and journaling. Students will consider how place
and location influence ideas and also how it translates into an artistic production in the studio. Students
will be asked to explore and supply their own answers based on the physical setting of Guanajuato, as well
as Mexican and Pre-Columbian culture as a whole.  As our unknown journey is being imagined, changed
and altered, and given form as we go, we will document what we see, feel and experience.

Various monotype, drypoint, pronto plate, and collograph printmaking techniques will be explored as well
as mixed media modes of art making. Class time will be spent discussing artists, viewing slides, taking field
trips to artist studios/museums/galleries & the town San Miguel de Allende, as well as studio time in the
Piramidal Grafica Printmaking Studio.

Prerequisites: None, although printmaking, drawing, painting or an art background is helpful. Must have
permission of the instructor.

For more information:                                   Nicole Sisco
Mandee Schroer                                  
Adjunct Art Faculty                                       Faculty Led Program Advisor                                        503-725-5346
503-725-3515                                             East Hall 210