Summary of Procedures for Graduate Study

  1. Reservations of Graduate Credit (form GO-10) and Proposed Transfer Credit (form GO-11) are to be filed not later than the term following admission to a graduate degree program. A maximum of twelve graduate credits may be reserved, a maximum of fifteen may be transferred.
  2. Petition for Change of Status (form GO-7) for students granted conditional admission is to be filed after conditions have been met. Students may not be advanced to candidacy before reaching regular degree status and satisfying the foreign language requirement.
  3. Approved Graduate Degree Program (form GO-12) is to be filled no later than the date indicated on the Graduate Candidates Deadlines form for the intended term of graduation and after satisfying the foreign language requirement.
  4. File Application for Degree form in the Office of Graduate Studies no later than the first week of the term of graduation.
  5. Change in Graduate Degree Program (form GO-13) is to be filed if change of previously approved program (GO-12) is requested.
  6. Appointment of Final Oral Examination Committee (form GO-16) is to be filed at least two weeks before the date desired for the exam.
  7. Oral examination is to be scheduled at least two weeks before the date of commencement. If a thesis is presented, the examination is to be scheduled at least five weeks prior to commencement.
  8. Thesis option students are to submit three copies of unbound thesis and four copies of abstract to the Office of Graduate Studies not later than three weeks prior to the close of the term in which the degree is to be granted.
  9. Recommendation for the Degree will be filed by the chair of the students committee after the oral examination is completed.

Use of Omnibus Course Numbers

In most cases, credits for production projects will be divided between TA 501 Research, TA 502 Independent Studies, TA 506 Special Projects and TA 509 Practicum.

The following limitations are placed on the use of credits in 501, 503, 505, 508, 509:

  • 501/505 combined, maximum of 12 credits
  • 508/509 combined, maximum of 9 credits
  • 503 Thesis, 6-9 hours, used for traditional thesis only

Current procedures appear in detail in each catalog under the heading Summary of Procedures for Masters Degree