Scholarships and Awards - Architecture

College of the Arts and University Scholarships and Other Financial Assistance

For information on scholarships and other financial assistance through the the University and the College of the Arts, please visit the following links:

Scholarships in the College of the Arts

Undergraduate Scholarships and Financial Aid

Graduate Scholarships


School of Architecture Scholarships and Awards

In addition to the scholarships offered by Portland State University, which can be found by visiting the university's Scholarships page, the School of Architecture offers many awards and scholarships:

AIA Henry Adams Medal

AIA Henry Adams Certificate

Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal

ARCC King Medal

Thesis Prize

YGH Graduate Scholarship

Utrecht Graduate Scholarship

Overall Achievement Scholarships

Undergraduate Travel Fellowship Award

Utrecht Undergraduate Prizes 

Drawing Prize

Writing Prize

Portfolio Prize

Faculty Book Awards

George Nakashima Design-Build Award

Trudeau Scholarship

Lois Mock Scholarship

NCARB Intern Development Program Intern Application Fee Assistance
(Contact Barbara Sestak, IDP Coordinator, at for more information about the process to request IDP Intern Application Fee Assistance.)

Green Building Scholars Program
Please visit the Green Building Scholars Program website for more information. 

Please contact the School of Architecture office to learn more about these opportunities. 

School of Architecture Graduate Assistant Positions

Graduate assistantships (GAs) are also offered by the School of Architecture and are awarded based on applications submitted by students prior to the start of the academic year. GA positions may include assisting faculty with teaching undergraduate classes, research for individual faculty members, support for symposia, or documentation and archive activities. Incoming graduate students will be notified of the deadline and method required for submitting GA applications.