Show & Tell: John Berger & Niko Courtelis

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January 29, 2015 12:00pm
Art Building, Room 320, 2000 SW 5th Avenue

Presented by the Graphic Design Program of the School of Art + Design, Portland State University 

Show & Tell is an almost weekly lecture series that invites working professionals to blow our minds with wisdom, both in person and through the magic of the World Wide Web! Our lectures happen most Thursdays at noon in the Art Building, 2000 SW 5th Avenue, Room 320. The public is welcome and the lectures are free!


Josh Berger aand Niko Courtelis
January 29, 2015
12-1 pm

A handful of artists and writers in Portland started Plazm magazine in 1991. The Information Age was accelerating fast but only 7 million people had cell phones, which were the size of bricks and cost more than a used car. The Internet was mostly populated by scientists and programmers, though the public could gain access to it for $2 per minute. Mass media—the ability to disseminate information, entertainment, and creative expression to a substantial audience—was largely controlled by five corporations.

Plazm’s Josh Berger and Niko Courtelis believed that design could be a catalyst for change in the world. They still do.

Join Niko and Josh as they look forward and back, reflecting on the history and considering the future of Plazm.


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