OAJC: "Crossing Over, a Musical Haggadah"

Happening on: 
April 5, 2014 7:30pm
Lincoln Performance Hall (LH 175)

April 5, 2014 at 7:30 pm

Thousands of versions of Passover haggadahs – the prayer book that is used for a Passover Seder service – exist to retell the story of Exodus. Now, composer and pianist Michael Allen Harrison and Rabbi Alan Berg have created a concert version of the haggadah.

In April 2012, the Oregon Area Jewish Committee presented the world premiere of Crossing Over –  A Celebration of Passover and Crossing the Red Sea.  The performance featured professional soloists, a children’s choir, an orchestra, and art by Leonard Baskin. OAJC presented the second performance in March 2013 and are in planning mode for April 2014.

“I consider this to be one of my greatest achievements as a composer.  It is inspired by my father’s dream for me to make a significant contribution to the Jewish Community and all communities of faith. This musical interpretation of the exodus from Egypt and the story of redemption and freedom will be a deep meaningful experience as we awaken our spirits this spring.” – Michael Allen Harrison

“If you really want to know what Crossing Over is about, musically, spiritually and communally, you will have to be there. There has never been anything quite like its combination of music and Passover. Remember that crossing through the Red Sea is the shared Jewish miracle. Through this concert event we want to give that to people in a way they’ve never experienced.” –  Rabbi Alan Berg

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Image: Campbell Salgado Studios

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