Illuminating Mt. Tabor Park

If you took an evening stroll on the north slope of Mr. Tabor Park in early April 2014, you just might have come across an assemblage of tall, glowing structures, silently illuminating the hilly woods. Associate Professor Jeff Schnabel and 10 students from the School of Architecture ventured into the dark of night in this hillside park in Southeast Portland Thursday, April 3, 2014, installing seven 10-foot-tall lanterns at a variety of distances from the main pathway--some within touching range and some deep in the landscape.

Lit by battery-powered LED lights, which emanate a bluish glow from within, these structures originated as a part of a walk-through installation at the Cascade AIDS Project Art Auction last spring.

The illuminated lanterns, temporarily placed in Mt. Tabor Park, were a form of experiment, bringing temporary sources of light into some of Portland's shadowy places. 

The lanterns remained in Mt. Tabor Park through Wednesday, April 9, and were illuminated between 8pm and 11pm each night.  

Top image: Rendering by Michael Coon, Master of Architecture 2014 candidate
Middle and bottom images: Mark Stein Photography

School of Architecture
Associated faculty: 
Jeff Schnabel
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