Final Reviews, Spring 2014

Happening on: 
May 30, 2014 4:00pm to June 12, 2014 3:00pm
Shattuck Hall

The Final Review schedule for Spring Term 2014 will occur over the next two weeks, beginning Friday, May 30, and ending Thursday, June 12. Undergraduate and graduate architecture students of all levels will be displaying and discussing their work with a panel of reviewers during their allotted time. Reviews are free and open to the public. If you wish to attend a final review, contact the School of Architecture main office at or (503)725-8405 in advance. The review schedule is as follows:


Friday, May 30:

ARCH 582: Rudy Barton & Travis Bell, 4 - 7pm, Shattuck Hall 3rd Floor


Saturday, May 31:

ARCH 382: B.D. Wortham-Galvin, 2 - 5pm, Rosewood Initiative (Cue’s Billiards, 162nd and Stark)


Monday, June 2:

ARCH 120: Lisa Young, 1 - 5pm, Shattuck Hall 2nd Floor

ARCH 280: John Cooney, 1:30 - 5pm, Shattuck Hall 3rd Floor


Tuesday, June 3:

Pickathon Design Elective: Travis Bell, 2 - 4pm, Shattuck Hall 3rd Floor: NE Corner


Wednesday, June 4:

ARCH 382: Jonathan Bolch, 1 - 5pm, Shattuck Hall Annex

ARCH 382: Juan Heredia, 1 - 5pm, Shattuck Hall 3rd Floor

ARCH 382: Jeff Schnabel, 3:30 - 6:30pm, Shattuck Hall 2nd Floor


Friday, June 6:

ARCH 121: Nora Wendl, Aaron Whelton, Nikola Boscanin, Mark Kogut, 1 - 5pm, Shattuck Hall 3rd Floor


Monday, June 9:

ARCH 225: Taryn Mudge, 6 - 9pm, Shattuck Hall 3rd Floor: East & North Hallways


Thursday, June 12:

ARCH 4/526: Aaron Whelton, 1 -3pm, Shattuck Hall 3rd Floor: NE Corner

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