Disjecta & PSU School of A+D Present: OUTERSPACE ON A THURSDAY

Happening on: 
May 3, 2014 8:30pm

Disjecta and PSU School of Art + Design Present Tiny Rothko in Outerspace on a Thursday and Julie Perini's Minute Movies!

Tiny Rothko in Outerspace on a Thursday
A multimedia, musical performance by Jordan Rathus and Andrew Adolphus. It incorporates live, multi-channel projections of video edited from a variety of sources ranging from intimate behind-the-scenes footage of Rathus on a surrealist game show set to Rathus and Adolphus' concussion-themed home videos. Original, absurdist/existentialist rap lyrics are combined with elements such as found vinyl recordings of whale songs and soliloquies from avant-garde films, all together creating an alternative media hub of sorts, through which new and old audio-visual materials funnel and expand.

Julie Perini's Minute Movies
For the past three years, Julie Perini has been using a small handheld video camera to create a single-take, 60-second video at some point during the day. Often observational, sometimes involving her own body, she gathers and catalogs information about her daily life and uses this material to create low fi, rhythmic renditions of reality and experimental video diaries. For this special screening and performative lecture about the Minute Movie project, Julie will screen fifteen Minute Movies in their unedited form and several other works created from this archive of the everyday: Julie Time (2012, 1 minute), Nebraska Diary (2013, 3 minutes), 306 Steps in Guanajuato (2012, 2 minutes), and White Lady Diaries (2013, 5 minutes).


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