College of the Arts

Formerly known as the School of Fine and Performing Arts, the new College of the Arts has some of the fastest growing programs at PSU, including architecture, film and graphic design. More than 2,600 students are majoring in Arts programs.

“The new college is the culmination of years of hard work by our faculty, staff and students,” said Wim Wiewel, president of PSU. “It’s because of their hard work and the support of the arts community in Portland that we decided to create this new college."

A $2.3 million gift from philanthropist Arlene Schnitzer in memory of her late husband, Harold, is helping PSU build the new glass tower, adding visible performance space to the historic Portland building. The tower will complete the renovation of the 102-year-old building and house instructional studios, an art gallery and a black box theater. It will face Southwest Broadway and allow those walking or driving by to see the arts in action.

Both Arlene and her late husband, Harold, attended high school in Lincoln Hall before it became PSU. Schnitzer said she hopes her gift will inspire others to do likewise. The university needs $1.1 million to complete its funding campaign for the $37 million Lincoln Hall project.

College of the Arts