Rei Morimura Visits Printmaking Class

Mami Takahashi (PSU MFA Contemporary Art Practice, Studio, 2013), curatorial assistant at the Portland Japanese Garden, recently brought renowned printmaker Rei Morimura to Eleanor Erskine's Intermediate Printmaking class to meet students and demonstrate his process.

Morimura demonstrated the printing in four colors of intricately cut images. He uses oil-based ink in his work, unlike most Japanese woodblock artists who use water-based inks. Today, Morimura's prints are well known throughout the world through the efforts of The Toman Collection of Tokyo, which represents his work at exhibitions in Japan, China, Singapore, and the United States. He is currently an adjunct faculty member at the Tokyo Zokei University.

Morimura's work will be on display at the Japanese Garden until May 4, 2014.

(Cover Photo: Mami Takahashi interprets for printmaker Rei Morimura.)


Rei Morimura and printmaking student Griffon Jillson.

Rei Morimura printing at the PSU print studio.


Students admire Morimura's finished prints after the demonstration.

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