ARCH 580 (Architectural Design Studio 7, instr. Aaron Whelton), Fall 2013

Above image: Work by Christopher Boon

Advanced investigations of architectural and urban design issues take place during this graduate-level design studio. Projects include the design of private and public buildings that require comprehensive, integrative design development. Includes individual criticism, lectures and seminars.

The course theme requires students to explore the meaning and methods of mapping identities of Portland, looking closely at the ways of reading and notating the multiple agendas of the city, the relation of the particular to the universal in urban identity and how traditions are manifested in the urban context. 

In exploring this theme, Aaron Whelton's course took the particular perspective of water.

Rachel Browne

Julia Mollner

Karina Adams

Julia Mollner

Christopher Boon

Will Uebelacker

Christopher Boon

Mart Schaefer

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