ARCH 380 (Architectural Design Studio 1, instr. Edward Vaivoda), Fall 2013

Brightwood Eco Cabin

Instructor Ned Vaivoda and his students took on the task of designing a manmade intervention on a narrow, 0.28-acre river frontage lot on the Sandy River in Brightwood, Oregon. The site comes with developmental challenges, notably the FEMA delineation of the floodway, flood fringe, and flood plain, but students in a prior course taught by Vaivoda had successfully secured project entitlements from Clackamas County, including a specific buildable area.

Students were asked to design a 1,000-square-foot (or smaller) structure that could be used as a meeting place away from the PSU campus, with accommodations for short overnight stays, and as an educational tool for learning about sustainable design and building practices. The class was guided to fully consider the act of manmade intervention/building on the land and carefully study how the manmade affects the natural as well as the converse, taking into account natural processes and cycles as a fundamental inspiration for the design work.

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